Saturday, May 17, 2008

167. Invention for a social cause

The latest Invention by Tamilnadu government to abolish footboard travel. Let us give a big round of applause to welcome this wonderful Invention.



  1. @neeths
    na.. took it from somewhere in the web

  2. are there no steps? or are they retractable?!?
    but, I guess this is the only was to abolish foot-board travel.. ;-)

  3. no steps... ageing problem for the pallavan six wheelers.. soon there wont be any seats too.. people would be seated on the wooden planks

  4. haha too funny!

    I put up another great song by Kurt.


  5. oh wow! and i thought west bengal was bad...

  6. @keshi
    yup coming ryte away

  7. @bubbles
    tn is not bad at all.. they do good things like this..

  8. the advantages of this invention are two fold!
    it's also a good way for budding athletes to practice their high jumps!

  9. @mathi..
    practise high jumps? one wrong step and you are under the wheel... hehe.. let the thoughts flow...

  10. oh my god, now how will they shoot thos love songs on the footboard?

    if standing on FOOTboards are banned, they must consider having HEADboards- people cud practice hip-hop on the steps, by balancing the body on their heads..

    it's teh best rule in tamil nadu for all the men on the footboard- now they'll all sqeeze right into the bus n get to brush against n crush all the women inside.. the tn govt is promoting promiscuity!


  11. @busywriter
    i am just picturised it.. haha

  12. @chrissy
    hip hop.. head spins.. wud be good.. and even the seats shud eb removed.. what say? no pervy thoughts please.. i am very innocent

  13. u notice the words 'Erum Vazhi' on the right?...that should have been 'Thaavum Vazhi' or 'Kudhikkum Vazhi'.

  14. @random.
    yeah.. that is for the travellers... bus namma mela erum vazhi...


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