Thursday, May 15, 2008

165. Bonded for life

I am amazed at the creativity behind certain ads.
O & M's fevicol ad is a puller indeed.

A few fevicol ads are added here for viewer satisfaction.

It would be insane from my part to keep mum.
A big kudos to the creative brain behind these creative ads.

Taking a leaf out of these creative ads, I just wanted to introduce my own brand ambassador for a possible- future-fevicol ad. The name of my brand ambassador is Shilpa. She is a tortoise. I am using her to endorse the ad

Her shell is bonded to her body thanks to fevicol. Hope Menaka Gandhi does not file a suit against me for sticking that shield on Shilpa's smooth back.



  1. haha thats pretty CREATIVE Chriz WOW!


  2. hehe....very creative indeed.....BTW i just started typing congratulations as soon as I saw bonded for life :D ;-)....:)

  3. hey......i have been writing a blog in a similar area! and now..

  4. @keshi
    shilpa is a shy girl but


    yeah.. her skin had hair on it.. had to wax it, before sticking the shield

  5. @priti
    congratulations?? naaaah.. long way to go for me... thank you..

  6. @may
    is it.. coming there to your blog now

    hehe... shilpa is a hot chik tho

  7. Hey Chriz,

    Why you scared of me? :(
    Come to Short and Sweet pls.
    You will see a different side of me.

  8. @solitaire...

    loved short and sweet
    ..wud be a regular there

  9. Nice one...

    You might enjoy reading/watching this at my blog:

  10. swell ads, like you said, kudos to the creative brains that conceptualized it and threw it on air.

  11. I love the fevicol ads. All of them !!

    Kudos to the brains that went behind it. It always amazes me at how on earth they cam,e up with smth like that !

    And now, about your brand ambassador, the name itself cracked me up...hahahaha !!!!!

    Maneka will never sue you, she'll have suchha hard time trynna stifle the !!!!

  12. @SOHAM
    nice blog yu have there

  13. @gayathreeee
    mmmmm... yeah.. thaaliyaaaa.. movie please...

  14. @cindrella
    thank you thank you...
    hope she laffs..

  15. haaaaaaaaa :) tat was a gud one man!!:)
    menaka will surely fume, but ya can keep her mouth shut.- use fevicol ;) good one :)

  16. hehe, you knw.. how you've named your comment section as "smiles" gives it a major positive feeling! :)
    oh and yes, ads are freakin creative these days, fevicol, yup.
    hehe lol @ your version. you shld really send in that idea to the comapny.
    we'll share the money that you get. :P

    thanks for droppin by my blog! :)

  17. @NEETHU

    i can use fevicol on her mouth?


    chronicwriter and busywriter.. names sound similar.. thank you for dropping by and yeah the sole existance of this blog is to make people laff.

  18. hey that was very creative ....hope Shilpa soon becomes a STAR hehe :) & u shine at O&M 'REAL SOON'..I wish U the best of luck!

  19. I'm a big fan of fevicol ads too!

  20. These are good ones. I've posted some on my blog too. You can check them out, only if you want to...


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