Tuesday, May 13, 2008

162. Have you ever done this?

These are a few pictures I collected from the web. I could easily relate to these pictures as I have done all these things in my life. How many of you have done stuffs like this?
Bed wetting ... Long long ago, so long ago; I was a culprit(Not anymore)... I bet everyone of us can relate to this picture very well...

Seems funny? The post effect is not that easy.

Broken legs... Tendon Gone... Titanium Strings.... One year in bed... Memories are sometimes hurting...

Are you a very bad driver? The dents in my car says it all...
A Truth or Dare game... Shoplifting... Escape... Have you indulged in such crazy act?

Ragging... Ragged.. Been a victim? Views please...

Ever wanted to be all alone by yourself? Pouring your sorrows in tear form...

Copying in exams using the scientific calculator...

Disclaimer: Well I am not a saint



  1. hiya~am only a lazy writer...but not quite as lazy as that to read good blogs;)
    hmm..gud pics...

  2. Good post dude! Reminds me of what I wanna do and how I end up not doing it!!!!

  3. Ah... Scientific calculator... A tool which can save u exam but not just that its an tool that will hel you to talk to girls.... he he

    Ragging... Same Pinch... I wrote abt it jst now..

  4. @neeths
    well. point taken.. thank you.. will visit your page soon. update please

  5. @cm-chap
    help talking to girls??? woooh.. i never knew it back then...

  6. guy doin the potty! haaa haaa-darn funny, i'd neva have fit in though ;)

    copyin in exam usin the scientific calci- well, i've dun tat..
    stored formuale n stuff durin engineerin :)

    broken legs- mannnn!! di ya ever break ya leg tat bad??

    n the car! - my car met with an accident a while ago!! entire back crushed- now it's back 2 normal though :)

  7. @chrissy
    potty fall.. you cud break the potty.. no rules for that game

    and yeah one year in bed.. the titanium strings in my legs stand a real testimony... god's grace that i am still walking without a limp

  8. bedwetting - check. (when i was a lot lot lot younger.)

    falling into the toilet - no. (thank god for that.)

    broken leg (X twice), ripped tendons (X infinite time), broken hands (X 4 times) - climbing trees, being made a guinea pig while my mom leanrt to ride the scooter, slipping down the stairs... i've done it all.

    car crash, shoplifting and ragging - ummm no. touchwood!

    and using a calculator wasnt ever allowed and we used to get frisked by our teachers (army achool and all.)

    and being alone... am alone now. and i dont mind myself for company...

  9. hey you said you tagged me for post no.162. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do for this one - am I supposed to find pictures that relate to my life or answer the "have you done this" questions?


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