Friday, April 25, 2008

152. Renu has a new competitor

She is the next big sensation in India. She is just 16 and she is gonna create waves in the circuit.

Dipika Pallikal also known as Dipika Rebecca Pallikal is a squash player. She was born on 21 September 1991.

She played her first international tournament in London when she was in her sixth grade, and till date, Dipika has won the German Open, Dutch Open, French Open, Australian Open, Scottish Open on the European Junior Squash Circuit.Dipika trains at the ICL-TNSRA Academy at Chennai under Cyrus Poncha and Major(rtd) S. Maniam.

Renooooooooooooooooooooooo... Please forgive me for adding pictures of Dip's in my blog. Special appreciation for Martin Prakkat for the wonderful photos.



  1. Pretty woman, walking down the street
    Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
    Pretty woman
    I don't believe you, you're not the truth
    No one could look as good as you

    now sing the rest for her =P

  2. >crosses her fingers and prays<

    *dont let them turn her into another kournikova*

    and all the bestest to her...

    oh and you should definitely do what gayatri asked you to :)

  3. :) poor Renu...;):D you ditched her and Mandira Bedi too :)

  4. OMG! Did u just ditch Renu?

  5. ahhhh...someone is CRUSHED! heehee

  6. a new path totally?? my sympathies with renu:)

  7. Oh!!! Only 16??? I feel so old! :((

    Then is Martin Prakat the same gfuy who used to take pics for Vanitha??

  8. Hey!!..Just came across your blog!!..
    Nice one mate!!..

    Keep it up!..


  9. Ha ha ha! Gayatri that was so funny!

    Hey Chriz u dumped Renu for a kid??

  10. Only 16 and u hv a crush on her? LOL Chriz!


  11. @gaya3
    roy orbison... wow.. i wanna sing it.. yeah yeah

    i am planning to

    renu is an evergreen memory.. hope she reads this

    no.. i wont ditch renu even in my WILDEST dreams

    yup crushed.. welkum to my blog

  12. @neeths
    what ayye>?

    finaly am back to renu again..

    @point blank
    yup that very same guy

    you are the youngest blogger i have ever come across

    @clement annaa
    hehe no dumping and all.. it was just for the horror

  13. @keshi
    crushes dont calculate mere numbers

  14. hope she shines and she looks extremely pretty !! :O :D :D

  15. deepika schools!

    entha bakery payyana kattikka poraalo??:((
    ella azhagana ponnungalum kalyanam panikraanga,seekrama!(sania...):(((((


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