Tuesday, April 22, 2008

150. Bajaj Avenger -Ad Blunder

The ad: Bajaj Avenger ad
Brand : Bajaj Avenger
Head line - Feel Like God
Agency : Lowe
Company- Bajaj Auto Ltd
Base line : Inspiring confidence
The Ad starts with a stud on the road driving a cruiser bike- The VO says ’’I forgive...’’cut to a man slapping someone cut back to the guy, -’’... My father’’. He continues to drive and the following are his thoughts: • “ I forgive women” again cut to B& W image of a girl getting married • “ I forgive my Boss” cut to B& W image of his boss throwing paper at him • While he is driving his bike goes through a pothole and he thinks “I forgive the government” • Then again we cut to his barber giving him a shave (in B& W) and he licks his upper lip which has a cut “I forgive my barber” • “ I forgive my past” as he passes a guy struggline with his executive bike As he drives a farmer gets up to stretch his back and he stretches forward. The guy is passing by and he sees him.
His thought “I feel like God” acts as the final punch to the ad
So what is wrong with the ad?
If this ad has attracted almost each and everyone with its difference,What is exactly wrong with the ad.
The choice of the model is good. The location is good.The concept is Good. But Where have they gone wrong?
The major two flaws I found in the ad is
1) The bike is positioned as a cruiser bike and throughout the ad there is not even a single picturisation to showcase that. Even if this flaw can be accepted, one flaw that cannot be accepted is the role played by the Visualiser in the ad.
2)The visualiser has failed to visualise a simple six dimensional image in his mind. In the beginning of the ad, when the stud's father slaps him; the visuals clearly show that the father slaps him with his right hand. In such a case, the slap would have landed on the stud's left cheek.But, in the Video, the stud reminisces the slapping incident by feeling his right cheek.Such a big visualising blunder from a big ad agency is completely unacceptable.
The video of the ad is added here for everyone to note the big blunder in the ad.

Lowe! Please bear with me cos my critical views might be challenging.



  1. Blunders of the second type seem to be quite common in our visual media.
    The most noticeable one that I find is the state of the actors' hair when they're being deluged by rain. In the first frame, the hair's flattened by the rain and in the next it's all dry and starting the flattening process again!
    Such a rookie mistake and if an amateur like me can discern this, why can't the Pros?

  2. blunders are everywhere... try watching Curse of the Black Pearl... in the last scene, just as Jack Sparrow takes his position at the helm, is a crew member in a cowboy hat and dark shades standing in the corner, looking out to sea...

  3. @mathi
    yea.. noticed it.. the hair drying incident myte have happened during his windy ride...
    nice point you made ...

  4. @bubbles
    hey i was tied with work.. so cudnnt blog much.. thank you for hopping here on a regular basis

  5. Great concentration....I have not noticed it before....

  6. Well I beg to differ, looking at the video, I felt that he was reminiscing the scene not by touching his right cheek but it was some kinda thinking posture, like he was just thinking about it...

    About some of the movies, yes you can even notice planes in movies which are based on historic times... (don remember the names right now!)

  7. @akansha
    it was a reflex memoir posture...


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