Friday, April 25, 2008

152. Renu has a new competitor

She is the next big sensation in India. She is just 16 and she is gonna create waves in the circuit.

Dipika Pallikal also known as Dipika Rebecca Pallikal is a squash player. She was born on 21 September 1991.

She played her first international tournament in London when she was in her sixth grade, and till date, Dipika has won the German Open, Dutch Open, French Open, Australian Open, Scottish Open on the European Junior Squash Circuit.Dipika trains at the ICL-TNSRA Academy at Chennai under Cyrus Poncha and Major(rtd) S. Maniam.

Renooooooooooooooooooooooo... Please forgive me for adding pictures of Dip's in my blog. Special appreciation for Martin Prakkat for the wonderful photos.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

151. The world is in their hands

The first lady indeed has got a great photographic sense.

The first man has best telephone etiquette of all time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

150. Bajaj Avenger -Ad Blunder

The ad: Bajaj Avenger ad
Brand : Bajaj Avenger
Head line - Feel Like God
Agency : Lowe
Company- Bajaj Auto Ltd
Base line : Inspiring confidence
The Ad starts with a stud on the road driving a cruiser bike- The VO says ’’I forgive...’’cut to a man slapping someone cut back to the guy, -’’... My father’’. He continues to drive and the following are his thoughts: • “ I forgive women” again cut to B& W image of a girl getting married • “ I forgive my Boss” cut to B& W image of his boss throwing paper at him • While he is driving his bike goes through a pothole and he thinks “I forgive the government” • Then again we cut to his barber giving him a shave (in B& W) and he licks his upper lip which has a cut “I forgive my barber” • “ I forgive my past” as he passes a guy struggline with his executive bike As he drives a farmer gets up to stretch his back and he stretches forward. The guy is passing by and he sees him.
His thought “I feel like God” acts as the final punch to the ad
So what is wrong with the ad?
If this ad has attracted almost each and everyone with its difference,What is exactly wrong with the ad.
The choice of the model is good. The location is good.The concept is Good. But Where have they gone wrong?
The major two flaws I found in the ad is
1) The bike is positioned as a cruiser bike and throughout the ad there is not even a single picturisation to showcase that. Even if this flaw can be accepted, one flaw that cannot be accepted is the role played by the Visualiser in the ad.
2)The visualiser has failed to visualise a simple six dimensional image in his mind. In the beginning of the ad, when the stud's father slaps him; the visuals clearly show that the father slaps him with his right hand. In such a case, the slap would have landed on the stud's left cheek.But, in the Video, the stud reminisces the slapping incident by feeling his right cheek.Such a big visualising blunder from a big ad agency is completely unacceptable.
The video of the ad is added here for everyone to note the big blunder in the ad.

Lowe! Please bear with me cos my critical views might be challenging.


Monday, April 21, 2008

149. The new Chronicwriter

Chronicwriter has decided that he is gonna make a name for himself in the ad-world.
My blog will have two more topics in the near future.
1) Ad-Blunders
Chronicwriter would act as an expert critic and expose the loopholes in award winning ads.
2) Radio Marketing
Chronicwriter would be writing on new marketing ideas for FM Radio firms in India
The Lie factory
But the eternal nutty-lie factory will run in full flow as always...


Friday, April 18, 2008

148. White petticoat

After exactly one year in slumber, Tech-a-break is back.

Tech -a-break is a cultural competition for the firms in Technopark, Trivandrum.The fest starts with a carnival-rally and followed by many events that range from dance to mime to skit to musical events.This post is regarding the carnival-rally competition that kicks off the one week mega event.

The theme for this years' carnival is " Halloween". I will ofcourse take part in the rally and represent my team. It was an easy option for me as I do not have to don any additional make-up for the rally.The carnival memories take me back by one year. Last years' theme was "Fairy tales". I was a part of last years' rally too.When my colleagues asked me to be the prince for cindrella, I was overjoyed. I ran as fast as my little foot could carry me and finally when I reached the dressing room, I found out that I was bit too late and the prince's role has already been taken. Finally they gave me a petticoat and made me the Vedhal (a little devil). The petticoat was really dirty and transparent too.You can click this snap and sympathise with me.

The lady in black is the HR manager of my firm. She was snow white's witchy step mother. Then the big ear fellow is another HR executive. He was a rat. The big guy in black was the dracula. His makeup was not yet done when the snap was clicked. Next to him is Vikram, the king and on the extreme right you can see me in the white petticoat


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

147. Another year goes by

If not for Mayflower, I would not be writing this post.I was caught up with work (Heavy work) and hence did not check my blogpage for a while.BTW, I got older this past week.30 seems very closer.My blog page will have an additional post every week. It is about the world of advertising.

I just got a call and the person on the line was some Sachin.He asked me if I could run, Instead of him in some torch relay that is gonna happen the day after in Delhi.As I was typing this post, I told him to call me later. His second name was some Tendulkar or something.Any idea why he wants me to run?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

146. Adams Apple

Disclaimer: Very important for Parents and even children who can understand this post.

My visits to China taught me many things in identifying the gender differences. There are many places where the waiters are transgenders. You see all kinds of people on the road.. Hookers of the fairer gender and even trans-aggressors of the confused gender.

My Chinese Interpretor and me went to a food joint and we found many transgenders taking orders from us. I could not identify whether the waiter was a he-she or a she-he or a he or a she. That is when, my chinese interpretor came to my rescue. She asked me to focus on the neck of a person when we are in doubt about their gender.A boy would ofcourse have an adam's apple.
So next time, even if a silicon implant confuses you, just focus on the neck of the target person.
Everything will be clear.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

145. Six stitches

Never ever play with a one year old baby's lips, especially when the little one is teething. Chances are that he might show his canine skills on your fingers.

I am typing this post with my left hand.
The six stitches on my right index finger says it all.


Friday, April 04, 2008

144. A few good names

  1. Small
  2. Bell
  3. Cook
  4. Prior
  5. Broad

I am not taking any grammar classes for anyone. The above mentioned 5 names are not typed here as examples of Noun forms or other forms of communicative english.These are names of five present Cricketers of the English cricket team.

Sometimes wierd names like these would make us laugh a lot till our sides hurt. But one term which would make me erupt with laughter anytime is " Side-bottom". Yes that is also a name of an English cricketer.I just imagined the literal meaning of Side-bottom in my mother Tongue.Here I go again...


Thursday, April 03, 2008

143. Just for Mathi

My blog life is on a high. I am just loving it. There is always something to write on. Mathi tagged me to blog about 8 things that I am doing now.
So here it goes...
My Eight

One:I scratched my left cheek now (The cheek on my face)
Two:I am standing up and typing the second point. ( This is the first ever time I am writing a blog-line, standing up)
Three:I am sitting now in my seat cos the babe in the adjacent cubicle at my work place gave a bad stare.(She thinks that I have the hots for her)
Four:I just swallowed some saliva ( Yes. It is mine and I have every right to do so. I can't spit around my cubicle)
Five:I just now realised that the socks on my right leg is brown in colour and the socks in my left leg is cream in colour. ( Wow! I did it again.)
Six:A lady colleague just pinged me. She is asking me whether I could accompany her for breakfast. ( Would she ask me to pay her bills?)
Seven:I just raised my hands to spread the AXE effect around me ( The girl in my adjacent cubicle is closing her nose now)
Eight:My lady colleague just called me on my phone asking me to come soon for breakfast

OK! Let me tag a few people before i leave
and all my fellow blogmates in my blogroll.
Now it is breakfast time...


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

142. Priceless

My Niece,"Jolena"...
Did she just read my blog???

She has just got her first pair of teeth now and that means it is havoc time. Remember, she even bit a spider a couple of months back, when she did not have any teeth.I advice my nephew Jeremy to keep a safe distance from her.Also,"Please share your toys with her".

This smile just made my day.



Tuesday, April 01, 2008

141. Balaji is back

How many of us remember the lanky young pacemen Lakshmipathy Balaji. A little-known Tamil Nadu speedster went to Pakistan in 2004. Lakshmipathy Balaji came back a national hero, after playing a significant part in his team's historic victories.

But Injuries after injuries kept this Tamilnadu paceman out of the Indian Cricket team for almost three years now. But now he has come back with a vengance. In the recently conducted refresher camp in MRF pace foundation, he fired in a delivery at 108 mph with pinpoint accuracy. This was 7 mph faster than the previous record held by Shoaib Akthar. Surprisingly, Balaji had never even bowled a ball in the last three months. His stint with karate at the Tibetian monastery is responsible for this sudden change in power, he says.For further information, the reader is requested to stand in front of the mirror and shout, " April FooooooL"

The author has planned five pranks on his colleagues.

Post- Analysis results will be published soon