138. I am very much attached to...

April 1-2005.
It has been three years now.
I still have that ash colour ( yea i am color blind) adidas wrist band ( arm band for me) around my arm. It has been a different sort of love story. The last thing that was attached to my body for a long time was my black socks which stuck on to my legs for 14 days on a trot. Apparently I had to remove it, the day my neighbour's dog died due to breathlessness.
Oh! Yea. I forgot to mention about the titanium string which replaced my achilles tendon in the winter of 2001. Do you guys have any such attachments?


  1. As long as you aren't brand-blind, you needn't worry about being color blind.

  2. @rakesh
    these days these guys alter the brands too very intelligently

  3. Er.. I dont think I got it :(
    Btw, cool pic dude.

  4. wow..u a matured blogger...with a so very matured blog...and a really gud one too...n honoured to havya comment :D

  5. @ rakesh
    got that?
    thank you machooo

  6. @neeths
    thank you neeths.. i came to your blog thru orkut


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