Saturday, March 22, 2008

134. For desperate bachelors

I am still a wandering bachelor and hence I have the liberty to come up with various combinations of finding a partner. I pity all those who have already found one. This post is for all the Guys who do not have a girl friend( That includes the author also).
My work demands me to device process flows for the IT solutions that my firm produces. I am envisioning a simple process flow that would enable the desperate aspirants to find their match. Click on this picture to understand more.

If anyone is successful with the above mentioned process, please inform me too. I would like to implement it in my life too.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Then who's Renu???????

  3. @naveen
    i am not gonna execute it anyways.. Wrong time idneed. i should have done that long time back.. now its too late

  4. @sam
    renu is an evergreen memory...:-)

  5. Your flowchart is flawless.. Except for the girl blushing and leading to the possibility of a marriage.. If that is the case, I would have had like seventy eight marriages by now,giving me a possibility of 60% success.. :P

  6. @sirpy

    haha marriage! do you think thats a solution? thats where the real problem starts.. hehe.. welkum back machaan. long time indeed

  7. @may
    mmmm!! whats your view on such hunts>?


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