Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Back in College, Me and my three friends had a simple musical band. We called ourselves NEWS. We had such a name because we four guys represented the four different corners of the country.
Lari is from Shillong and he is an amazing guitarist. He is a gentle guy who is very good soccer player. We called him Baichung Bhutia. There was this Girl, Daphy. She had a powerful voice.She used to sing Alto in our band. She was a great athlete too.Daphy was from Shillong too. Then we had Xavier from Goa.He has a powerful tenor voice and he is one of the most softestestest guys I have ever seen in my life.Finally Me, from Tamilnadu completed the band.

We started with slow rock and finally graded ourselves into a four-part band. Recently I found a video of one of our songs. The song was sung for christmas. The name of the song is "Everybody likes to take a holiday".
Watch this video for the whole song.



  1. people from the mountains (me is one 2) have music in their blood... dont you think so? but it skipped a generation in me i think...

  2. !@ bubbles

    wow... you gotta start rapping then.. it shud be in your blood


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