Thursday, March 13, 2008

126. Notty Boys

Disclaimer: The author got the picture in a forwarded mail.The story is built around the picture and it is not to hurt the sentiments of anyone. Read it with a pure nutty mind.

The Indian Cricket team is a very young team led by a very matured young guy, Dhoni. With a maestro like , Sachin in the team, all the boys have a father figure to guide them. After the recently concluded Tri-series in Australia, where the Indians whacked the ozzies; the BCCI gave a warm reception to the Indian cricket team.

Young girls thronged to catch a glimpse of their dream guy, Dhoni. They jumped with joy when they saw the guys march on to the dias. As always no one seemed to bother much about our Sreesanth ( I started liking that guy now. He has become more calm and composed and that is a very good sign). An eager and enthusiastic young girl jumped onto the stage and reached out for Dhoni to have his autograph. Dhoni obliged with his ever-so-simple nature. Sachin depcited his usual class and style with a majectic look. The three notty kids ( Robin,Dinesh and Yuvraj) had their eye sight fixed on something else that magnetised them.

Message to the boys: Nothing goes un-noticed in this world.

Glad that there were no cameras in my schooling life that captured the innocent mind of the chronicwriter.



  1. The message perhaps they want to send is...Boys will be boys....but public personalties should be careful as the focus always stays on them & they are the heroes & icons for our society.

  2. i think the other side of the camera is needed ,:P

  3. Saw this a few days back. loved it. May it be the indian team thats why we are seeing this mail else there are thousand of use doing the ssame.

  4. Men will be matter what they are;)
    And am happy for you c.writer;)

  5. they were lookin at her nearly-exposed butt? LOL boys will be boys ha!


  6. @hey kalyan

    thats a surprise to see your invite in orkut... added ya... keep coming.. and yea public personalities face the hammer

  7. @ karthik..
    what are you going to do with the other side of camera? hehe.. anyways welkum to my blog man.. wud visit ur blog too

  8. @ santosh
    well said.. even am not a saint...

  9. @mayflower
    boys will be boys! but men are different.. we have diff strategies.. gud for me?

  10. @keshi
    the butt is not at all exposed... the kids are just curious.. hehe

  11. maaan you wont even spare the indian cric team h?
    gud observation btw... ;)


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