Saturday, March 08, 2008

122. My socks hid my wallet

I had my first personal wallet when I was a six year old guy.My dad presented me with a colorful wallet. Joy and happiness knew no bounds as I hopped around the house with glee.I never graduated from shorts to pants then. That troubled me, because my shorts did not have a big pocket that would accomodate the wallet. I found a new place to keep the wallet. My socks had a bulging effect as my wallet would be inside it in school.

Even at nights, I used to sleep with my wallet on me, and that resulted in me sleeping with my socks on.The stinking effect that my socks created every night, made my neighbour to vacate his house.My sister and me shared the same room and my sock effect made her to sleep on the couch in the drawing room on most occassions.This infuriated folks at my place and a new rule was enforced at home. The new rule stated very clearly that no human being at home should be wearing a socks inside the house after 6 pm.This new rule made my dad to enter the house with his socks in his hands as his work timings made it sure that he came home only after 6 pm.

I found a new place to keep my wallet when I slept. For a six year old guy I could not think of new ideas and my underwear served the purpose of a wallet holder.But I soon realised that it was a big mistake as I had the habit of bed wetting. I am repeating this line very clearly for my readers that I USED to wet my bed as a SIX year old little guy and not now.

My wallet had a few stickers,uno cards , pictures of wresting stars and occassionaly some money also ( Though the currency value in my wallet never crossed 10/-Rupees).The pride with which I used to carry around my wallet when I did my shopping was a sight that I would never forget. I was one among the first guys in my batch to use a personal wallet.All the six year olds would look at me with faugh and fury just because I used to show off too much with my wallet. My glorious days with my first ever wallet soon came to an end when my class teacher found me with my wallet in school. My wallet was confiscated and handed over to my parents.I never again had a wallet in my school life.



  1. u made me remember ma wallet, i used durin ma skool days.

    ps:- I had my girl friends' bangle in that!
    Keep writin!

  2. ha naveen.. you had a real girlfriend in your school days? lucky you.. i lived in a virtual world during those days

  3. i know the feeling! i still haven't given up on MY first blue wallet. =)

  4. @gaya3
    thats great gaya3... your latest post was awesome.. loved it...

  5. Heard a comment once, only you guys keep money in the right place where it belongs, near your butt, women sometimes keep it near their b, ok , close to their heart.

  6. socks - i cant live without them! only time i take them off is for a shower.. sometimes in the summer when its too hot. i have inherited this from my dad. he wears socks most of the summer too!

  7. @roger

    hehe... i carry my wallet in my front pocket...

  8. @mazhalai

    my grand dad used to wear sox all the time too..

  9. that is too much..i resign to ur blog and am having a good good laugh.

    God bless you.

  10. ahh nice one. cud relate to it.the 1st jeans ,wallet, shorts etc. is just so special :P
    best part being the showing off part ;) :D


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