Friday, February 08, 2008

108. Join the Charity Club

The girl in the picture is very very poor. She is using her Uncle's hat to cover her body. If you forward this photo to ten people, Mr.X would give 10 cents to the poor girl.Her uncle would get his hat back and she can buy some clothes to cover her body.

Please circulate this photo and be a part of the noble venture.



  1. send her over. i will buy her something much better.

  2. @santosh

    you are late. she has clothes now.. no more hat !!! i have the hat with me now..

  3. 'Her uncle would get his hat back'
    wasn't that ALONE the real intention? ;-)

  4. @clover
    yes she is

    my boundless love

    that was the only one intention.. wha else did you think da?

  5. wow!what a charitable mind you hav!!raiseworthy.. :P


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