Wednesday, February 06, 2008

107. What a baby wants?

When I was a little baby, I used to eat chalkpieces, sand, paper, eraser,pencils,soap, toothpaste, plastic knobs,buttons. I also created a great fuss in having the normal diet. The effect still shows in my gigantic frame.Infact no one knows what a baby actually wants. Historical researches say that mothers of babies have the greatest likeliness of identifying what a baby wants.Even they go wrong on most of the occassions.

I happened to see a few snaps of my god child "jolena". All the snaps were taken within a span of 30 minutes. As you go through the pictures, you would finally find what a baby actually wants.

1)Jolena is nine months now and is trying to walk. Things are never in place at my sister's place ( My sister is the mother of Jolena and hence Jolena becomes my one and only niece; if my sister doesn't plan otherwise).Everything in the hosue gets misplaced. Things that are supposed to be in the drawing room end up in the loo and things that are supposed to be in the dining room end up in the bedroom.
2) Jolena eats food only if the greenboy doll is in her vicinity. The green boy doll can be seen in the picture below.Her appetite increases to new heights if the greenboy doll is in her food tray. Lately the greenboy doll is not to be seen. She must have eaten it.
3) Even with 32 teeth , I find it pretty difficult to bite hard food. Hence I resort to eating soft food. Jolena does not have a single tooth, but still she manages to eat all sorts of food.

4) All that can be eaten is termed as "food" in her dictionary.She grips her food in her mouth before touching it with her hands

5) The hand-eye-mouth coordination is in full flow.

6) Food should be analyzed properly before eating.

7) Finally the swallowing part.

8)Caught red handed. Guilt written all over the face. Still innocence at its best ( A trait that she acquired from her god father)

9) Lunch is over! Its dessert time.

10) Finally found near the dustbin.

11) Back to square one. My sister's house is spic and span these days(Thanks to Jolena). Infact my sister even dumped her vacuum cleaner through the back door.

Last night my sister and my brother-in-law found a six legged spider under the table. They are wondering about the absence of the remaining two legs.


  1. awwwwwwwwww such a cutey!!


  2. Jolena is absolutely adorable! =) and the post is as usual signature Chris style laugh out loud funny.

  3. She is really cute. hope she goes on to become like her god father!!!

  4. @keshy

    godfather? or god child?

  5. @gaya3

    shud i upload your singing session that was recorded !!! nothing else matters...

  6. @santosh

    naaaa. i hope she grows up to be a good girl unlike her godfather

  7. Your niece is really adorable :)

  8. @dhanya

    you are here after a long time. welkum back

  9. @may

    and vice versa too? hehe.. thank you

  10. @mazhalai

    thank you for visiting my blog on a regular basis. wud visit ur blog soon

  11. your niece is very cute and seems very bright!


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