Saturday, January 26, 2008

103. Married aunty

The married aunty at my firm was at her advising best this week. She was advising me on
1) how to live a life
2) how to talk
3) how to eat
4) how to talk with human beings
5) how to sit in my chair
6) how to type using the keyboard.

The advising spree lasted the whole of this week and by friday I was happy that I would be escaping from her non stop advice for the weekend.But when it was time for me to leave my workplace on friday evening, she offered me to give a lift to my place in her car. I was really worried because I knew that I had to survive her advice missiles throughout the car journey. Still I accepted her offer only because she had already promised to marry her daughter to me ( Her daughter is 3 years old now). Foreseeing the bright future that is in store for me because of her daughter, I agreed to her offer. To show my gentlemanly skills, I even told her that I would drive her car. She was all smiles and she handed the key to me.

And soon we were driving back from our workplace and as expected , the advice missiles started. I was literally crying.But her daughter's image soothened me.While driving the car , I discovered that I had left my wallet in my work place. My wallet had all the money and also my drivers' license. But the brave human being residing within me, did not allow me to tell her about it, because if I had told her, I would have had to spend another truck loads of advices from her.Just to make it sure that I am the coolest driver around, I soon hit the top-most gear and the car rocketed to 100 kmph.I had my right eyebrow raised and I was at my personified best.

Out of no where jumped a police man and stopped in front of the car. Being a brave guy, I did not step out of the car. I answered the cop in english and that frustrated him more. I was charged for
1) speeding.
2) not wearing the seat belt.
3) not producing my driving license.

The fine came to a lump sum of Rs.1500/- and that is when I turned towards the married aunt and told her in a husky voice," Hey! I do not have my wallet with me". She stared at me for sometime and she got out of the car.She went to the cop and paid the fine.When she was paying the fine, the devil within me wanted to capture the whole situation on camera. I took my mobile phone and clicked a cool snap.

When she returned, she never uttered a single word. I had never seen her keeping mum, all these days.Finally when I got down, I showed her the picture. She gave me that same dirty stare.Monday is just around the corner. Would the advice still continue?



  1. THATS BAD chriz. please don't play with a lady who was good to u. Now u have played a prank and she will expect more from you. so next time make sure you don't do the same to her it should be something different:)

  2. Hey, that's never know when this lady wud turn out to be your only saviour and she wouldnt want to let go off her chance by then.Anyways, plz be careful... have a great time!

  3. wats de diff btw how to talk n how to talk to human beings????????

    don tell me u talk to everythin u see...!!! :P

    (but since this is u, i dont doubt the possibility of tht happenin too!!) ;D

  4. the jeep n cop look more like a normal cop rather than traffic cop... is it a story made up for the pic chriz???

  5. @ santosh
    expect more from me?

  6. @may
    welkum back to my blog.. haha.. yeah you are right

  7. @kid
    use your sign name.. got you from the ip-tracker.
    talking alone, talking to human beings, talking to your pet dog..try something better next time kuttaa. anyways nice try. do hop in again

  8. @keshi

    yeah i know. but what to do. the innocence in me, did not help me to comprehend the situation

  9. @vikky
    mr.detective. 10 out of 10 for you. you are the only one to decode the mystery behind the story. kudos to you chellam..

  10. you could be put in jail for thinking about a 3 year old!

  11. @gitu
    i was thinking about the future. welkum back girl

    she likes the post. she has even taken a pdf copy of it.

  12. @gitu
    portable document format... she cudnt take an html layout of the same..

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  14. hahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah hehehehheehhehehehhehehehhe hhohohohoohhoohhoooohohohoo hahahhahahahahhh heehehhheheheheehheh hhoohohohoohoohohoho... sorry for lol..

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