Saturday, January 26, 2008

102. Mr.X says hi

My alter ego," Mr.X" had been very calm all this while and he wanted to be a part of this post.As my thinking cells did not work efficiently in helping him, I had to use my thinking cap to come up with a solution.I searched for my thinking cap for ten minutes, but then I remembered that my thinking cap was no more. I was so dull that whole day. My mom saw had never seen her son in such a sad state all through her life.So She came to me and asked the reason for my sadness. When I explained the cause for the magnitude of my pain, she came up with a brilliant idea. She took my digicam and asked me to pose for it. As my brain was not functioning efficiently, Mr.X took centre stage and offered his lending hand by showing 12 striking poses.
Later I found out that, it was his way of wishing all my blog readers a great newyear.


  1. chrissy boy, finally I have come to your blog. you dirtying your blog too? and blaming poor aunty for the same.wait, let me call her and tell her about this. are you online now?

  2. @niki
    you in blogworld? me cant believe it.. call my mom? haha! do that first.

  3. mr.twinkly eyes is gross!! haha

  4. do you mean to say that the other 11 fotos are not gross?


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