Thursday, January 24, 2008

101. Brushing Tricks

Sorry Folks!!!
I was busy editing my book that I did not spend the time I dedicate for my Blog. Did I mention that I would be soon publishing a book!. Yes! Yours truly is also trying his level best to enter the published author zone.

Well! Let me jump to the point that I wanted to make in the first place.
When we brush our teeth, do ensure that We are completely awake and in total control of our senses.If not, there is a huge chance of you using your friend's toothbrush on your mouth. Also make it sure that Colgate-Blue gel toothpaste and Odomos Mosquito repellent are not kept in close proximity. You might end up having a bad-yukky tongue for the rest of the day. I had a bad-yukky tongue two days back.



  1. ur worried abt using ur friend's toothbrush, once I grabbed my razor and nearly put tooth-paste on it.


  2. Will surely wait for the book.. Do pass me a copy (Yeah i mean free of charge!!!)

    Next time wash ur face before shaving else you will shaving off some other hair than intended !! :)

  3. lol... the next victim.. i recently came across a person who used himalaya neem face fash as tooth paste.. lol :)

    hmm.. i want a copy free of charge too..

  4. Thats y i get the brightest and most unique colour brushes possible! Our cabinet has only tooth paste, thanks to D who looks out for my safety.

    Btw what book?

  5. @keshi

    poor legs of yours


    poor me.. my blog mates like you should buy them and help me..


    you too need a free copy? is my book gonna be a free seller?

  6. @roger
    i will also get married soon.. hope my wifey also looks out for my safety.. the book is a love story from the eyes of a three year old boy.. humor form


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