Saturday, January 12, 2008

100. Emotional Stability

Post Number 100.

When we fall down and bruise ourselves, we sometimes end up crying out of pain or we might end up laughing thinking about the funny fall we had.

There are instances when we feel bad and sad and we enter into a solemn seclusion with a heavy laden heart and there are instances when we erupt with laughter,giggle and roll on the floor grinning.

Our emotional outcomes are decided by US. No external forces can make us sad or happy. If we are happy or sad, it is because we allow those emotions to rule us.So next time when you are down or sad, do not blame it on anyone else. It is our duty to tune our mind to depict the emotion we need to show to the world. Let us vibrate with an stable emotional mind.



  1. ** No external forces can make us sad or happy.

    I truly agree. Very well-said!

    Cute video :)


  2. orey the preachings eh? =P good stuff! makes a whole lot of sense.

  3. Dude congrats on your 100 ;)

    I enjoy reading your posts ...

    Good for me since blogs are somehow not being blocked at work :)

  4. That was such a cute video :).....Finally a century huh :)

  5. from orkut to blog or even Churches we will meet somewhere.
    Where r u now physically

  6. Amen to that, it's all up to us.

    Except when my dad's mood's not all that nice. Somehow THAT 'external force' always depresses me.

  7. Good one dude ! A philosophical start to the year ?

  8. @keshi
    yes cute video..
    @clement anna
    was not around for a very long time
    where were you man? welkum back

  9. @gaya3
    machi.. sometimes i have to be..

    hai da. welkum to my blog.. we would soon start jamming!!!

  10. @priti..
    yes finally a century.. yes.. what happ to you for so long

    hi. pleasure seeing you here. will come to your blog and check your posts soon.keep writing

    me too.. dun wanna see anyone in bad mood..

    yea! thankyou.. performing salsa tmrw in amphithtr opposite bhavani building.(25-01-2008) 6 pm. do try to make it


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