Wednesday, January 30, 2008

104. That Blue scooter

I remember those days.
A couple of decades back.
That blue Lamby Scooter.
My dad used to ride it.
He was the exact replica of che guevara, with his leather helmet. I could easily recognise my dad riding down the hill even if he was half a mile away.He was never fast nor furious. His maximum speed used to be 30 kmph.

On evenings the whole David family would be on the scooter. My mom would take the pillion seat and me and my sister would fight it out standing in the front.Our fights ranged from simple verbal clashes to biting and pinching. More often My dad's hand would be on the receiving end because my canine clutches would be missing the target.

Days went by and my sister had a new position in the scooter. She was allowed to sit between my dad and my mom. The scooter journeys were always nightmares for my dad as the fight between me and my sister took new forms. He would be the barrier between me and my sister on such occasions. My sister would tickle me from the back and I would retort by pinching her legs.On various occasions, my dad was on the receiving end.If only my dad had a smaller pout , he would not have had to go through such trials.

One day the ever so fighting pair of me and my sister, took our war skills to new heights when my father decided that enough was enough. I was made to walk home that day.

On another occasion, I was standing in the front as usual and due to my hyperactiveness, I gave a throttle to the accelerator and hey presto, all four of us were on the ground.

I also remember the time when I had to puncture my soft bum with a TT injection because , my index finger was badly injured.Apparently , my finger had found its way between the clutch lever.

Last week I saw a documentary on scooters on T.V. , and I was taken back down memory lane.
I miss my dad's Lamby scooter.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

103. Married aunty

The married aunty at my firm was at her advising best this week. She was advising me on
1) how to live a life
2) how to talk
3) how to eat
4) how to talk with human beings
5) how to sit in my chair
6) how to type using the keyboard.

The advising spree lasted the whole of this week and by friday I was happy that I would be escaping from her non stop advice for the weekend.But when it was time for me to leave my workplace on friday evening, she offered me to give a lift to my place in her car. I was really worried because I knew that I had to survive her advice missiles throughout the car journey. Still I accepted her offer only because she had already promised to marry her daughter to me ( Her daughter is 3 years old now). Foreseeing the bright future that is in store for me because of her daughter, I agreed to her offer. To show my gentlemanly skills, I even told her that I would drive her car. She was all smiles and she handed the key to me.

And soon we were driving back from our workplace and as expected , the advice missiles started. I was literally crying.But her daughter's image soothened me.While driving the car , I discovered that I had left my wallet in my work place. My wallet had all the money and also my drivers' license. But the brave human being residing within me, did not allow me to tell her about it, because if I had told her, I would have had to spend another truck loads of advices from her.Just to make it sure that I am the coolest driver around, I soon hit the top-most gear and the car rocketed to 100 kmph.I had my right eyebrow raised and I was at my personified best.

Out of no where jumped a police man and stopped in front of the car. Being a brave guy, I did not step out of the car. I answered the cop in english and that frustrated him more. I was charged for
1) speeding.
2) not wearing the seat belt.
3) not producing my driving license.

The fine came to a lump sum of Rs.1500/- and that is when I turned towards the married aunt and told her in a husky voice," Hey! I do not have my wallet with me". She stared at me for sometime and she got out of the car.She went to the cop and paid the fine.When she was paying the fine, the devil within me wanted to capture the whole situation on camera. I took my mobile phone and clicked a cool snap.

When she returned, she never uttered a single word. I had never seen her keeping mum, all these days.Finally when I got down, I showed her the picture. She gave me that same dirty stare.Monday is just around the corner. Would the advice still continue?


102. Mr.X says hi

My alter ego," Mr.X" had been very calm all this while and he wanted to be a part of this post.As my thinking cells did not work efficiently in helping him, I had to use my thinking cap to come up with a solution.I searched for my thinking cap for ten minutes, but then I remembered that my thinking cap was no more. I was so dull that whole day. My mom saw had never seen her son in such a sad state all through her life.So She came to me and asked the reason for my sadness. When I explained the cause for the magnitude of my pain, she came up with a brilliant idea. She took my digicam and asked me to pose for it. As my brain was not functioning efficiently, Mr.X took centre stage and offered his lending hand by showing 12 striking poses.
Later I found out that, it was his way of wishing all my blog readers a great newyear.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

101. Brushing Tricks

Sorry Folks!!!
I was busy editing my book that I did not spend the time I dedicate for my Blog. Did I mention that I would be soon publishing a book!. Yes! Yours truly is also trying his level best to enter the published author zone.

Well! Let me jump to the point that I wanted to make in the first place.
When we brush our teeth, do ensure that We are completely awake and in total control of our senses.If not, there is a huge chance of you using your friend's toothbrush on your mouth. Also make it sure that Colgate-Blue gel toothpaste and Odomos Mosquito repellent are not kept in close proximity. You might end up having a bad-yukky tongue for the rest of the day. I had a bad-yukky tongue two days back.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

100. Emotional Stability

Post Number 100.

When we fall down and bruise ourselves, we sometimes end up crying out of pain or we might end up laughing thinking about the funny fall we had.

There are instances when we feel bad and sad and we enter into a solemn seclusion with a heavy laden heart and there are instances when we erupt with laughter,giggle and roll on the floor grinning.

Our emotional outcomes are decided by US. No external forces can make us sad or happy. If we are happy or sad, it is because we allow those emotions to rule us.So next time when you are down or sad, do not blame it on anyone else. It is our duty to tune our mind to depict the emotion we need to show to the world. Let us vibrate with an stable emotional mind.


99. Self Tagging for 2008

I took this tag from Sandy

1. What did I learn?
I learnt that I am very bad in learning from mistakes.

2. What did I accomplish?
God is Gracious. 2007 was a green year for me.
I grazed the green grasslands.
Toured around the Globe.
Sang to my hearts content
Danced to glory.
I started my Blog in 2007.
My funny bone swayed wonderfully well in 2007.

3. What would I have done differently?
If only I had taken the wrong steps, I would not be typing this one now.

4. What did I complete or release?
Three sales pitches for my firm.
My Musical Band "december radio" evolved.

5. What were the most significant events of the year past?
I became Godfather.
Yet another year without a girlfriend.
No smoking.
I lost my bike.
I saw Renu.

6.What did I do right?
Starting this Blog to find my lost glory.

7. What were the fun things I did?
Pouring water on my roomies.
Experimenting with Cooking.
Bird Watching with a difference
Surviving even after drinking the pantry tea.

8. What were my biggest challenges/roadblocks/difficulties?
Anonymous comments on my blog page -> really encpuraged me to go further.
Mental conflict between the serious me and the funny me.
Dealing with Chinese Clients.

9. How am I different this year than last?
I have not missed the cab to office this year.

10. For what am I particularly grateful?
The life God has given me

- Tagging all my friends

Thursday, January 10, 2008

98. Lessons from 2007

1) Do not open your mouth to yawn while riding behind a lorry, especially if the lorry is loaded with sand. 2) Do not stare at a girl at a restaurant. Chances are that her father might end up staring at you until you quit and leave the restaurant with an empty stomach 3) While decorating the christmas tree, keep your hands dry. If your hands are wet, the short circuit might make you dance like crazy that your pet dog might end up having dysentery after seeing your gyrating performance infront of the christmas tree

4) I met a doctor last week because I had a sore throat. He told me that he was practising for the last 16 years. I wanted to ask the question "If you are still practising even after 16 years, When are you actually gonna start working? . But my brain cells stopped me from asking him such a question when I saw the big injection he had in his hand.

5) Do not eat the sugar coated saunf that is provided in hotels and restaurants as an aftermeal mouth freshner. Chances are that you might be eating lizard shit that is mixed along with it.