Sunday, November 25, 2007

86. Revelational Raagaa

Thats my latest band. We are a band of six guys. We play Rock and Roll genre fused with Indi Raagaa. Our plan for the month is to carol the churches in the southern most part of the country with our music.Our first performance will be staged at the church where I worship.

Venue: NesamonyNagar Church
Time: December-2-2007 (6.30 pm onwards)
Song : "Look Down"

Revelational Raagaa

Thomas : Bass/Rythm strings and Vocal accomplice
Franklin : Keys
Vivek : Tabla
Navin : Flute
Sam: Rythm Pads
Chriz: Vocals and Lead strings

Photos and videos will be added after the performance. Folks from Nagercoil can come to the church and be a part of the united carol service.Glory, Honour and Praise be to God alone.


  1. all the best, have fun. =)

    and DONT wear wigs.

  2. wooooow....good luck....Do well....I dont know how many ear drums are going to break down on December 2nd...6:30 ;):P....BTW I m winding up my not able to pull myself out of the rug to come back to the blog world to write something....will be back soon tho :)

  3. @gaya3

    hehe.. remember the beardo

  4. @priti

    looong time.. that explains.. aw de best for your winding up session. come back soon


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