Saturday, November 24, 2007

85.I am not straight!

Disclaimer: Those who are very sure about their orientations can continue reading this post.

Bill clinton who once was the first guy of US of A was caught by the STARR report for his biological experiments. He managed to keep it a secret for eight years.But thanks to Monica , his experimental results were published throughout the world .. Today Bill Clinton ,even as I write must be thinking, hoping he hadn't cheated. Not his fault. Cheating on wives / girlfriends comes naturally to me(n).

I was introduced to the concept of cheating at a very young age. I think I was only 14 years of age, when I found out that both my girl friends were cheating on me. They infact knew each other pretty well. But they never revealed to me about their friendship. Terror struck me on that fateful day when I happened to meet them both at the same shop where I was spending my solemn evening with a friend of mine. I made a vow not to fall in love ever again in my life. But satan is very cunning. He knows the exact tricks that would make me fall for his gambits.

I fell in love again when I was in class ten. I was 15 years of age. Martina was her name. She had studied in the U.S till class nine .She came down to India to continue her studies.She hated me for the sole reason that I was very innocent in school. The innocence in me was very evident from the kind of doubts that I tried to clarify with my Biology teacher. Most of the time, the teacher ended up blushing at my doubts. Seldom did she answer my innocent doubts.I thought that she was ignorant. So considering the fact that Martina specialised in Biology in her high school, I thought that she would be the right person to answer my doubt.The biggest doubt,that I had then was the exact meaning of the term Lesbian. So one fine afternoon I approached Martina to clear my doubts. She was one of the most brilliant students in my class. I went and sat near her and this is how our conversation went

Me: Hi Martina. I have a doubt
She: Yes Chrissy boy. Ask your doubt
Me: Who is a lesbian?
She: A lesbian is someone who is interested in girls.
Me: Then, Am I a lesbian?
She: Why do you think so?
Me: Because I am interested in girls.
She: No. You cannot be a Lesbian. You have to be a girl to become one
Me: Now what should I do? Are not there any means by which I can become a Lesbian?
She: You got it all wrong chriz. I'll explain it to you.
Me: Ok ! Martina ( The innocence was over flowing)
She: I am a Girl and I am interested in Boys. So that makes me Straight.
Me: Wow. Now You have cleared my doubt. I am not interested in Men. So that means that I am not straight. Am I right?
She: No. You are Straight.
Me: I am very clear that you do not know the meaning for the word,"lesbian".
She:Thats enuff. Now leave me alone.
Me: By the by; Did you just say that You like Guys?
She: Yes. But I do not like You.

She got up from that place and went in an angry mood. She never spoke to me after that.

BTW, the term "lesbian" sounded better than " straight". So I started calling myself a Lesbian for a very long time. Still I am very confused with the term. Are you a lesbian?



  1. humm.. continue calling yourself a lesbian.. :P

  2. Hmmm. heard this joke long back. BTW how come the innocent you knew that you liked Gals more than Guys at the tender age of 15??

    What would you say a gal who likes guys "GAY"

  3. @ santosh
    yes! Adapted from eddie, jammy jokes..
    The question was again due to my innocence.
    Gay? What is that? Btw are you a lesbian?

  4. @ roger
    martina is an indian version of jessica alba.. thats y..

  5. indians where considered creative ppl... y do u copy stuff. ppl out here wait to read ur orginal stuff. even one of ur frnd have written this..
    dispointed reading this.
    sorry for d harsh comments

  6. hey anonymous!

    copying is different from adaptations.. that too i have adapted this storyline from my favorite blogger jammy.. read the content and leave a comment.. btw r u a lesbian?

  7. seems like u are inventing a new term 'Straight Lesbian'...LOL.

  8. LOLzzzzzzzz The chat was coool..:)


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