81. I am Superstitious

I am superstitious...
I never believed in superstitions, fortunes,black magic, vOOdoo, witchcraft. But last week's incident has changed my take on the whole issue...

Last week's Issue

November 3rd 2007:21:30 hrs - I had beef fry and beef sausage for dinner.

November 4th 2007:04:00 hrs - first call from nature.

November 4th 2007:05:30 hrs - second call from nature.

November 4th 2007:06:00 hrs - third call from nature.

November 4th 2007:06:39 hrs - I logged on to orkut. Orkut provides with a daily fortune service. My daily fortune for the day was, " You will prosper in what ever you do,today"




And I really prospered that day. I am glad that I did not have to prosper for one whole week.

I am superstitious now.


  1. @may

    laughing for this? poor me

  2. @sajeeve

    sweet? you have got an awesome tastebud ;-)

  3. all in the name of beef eh.. you have my sympathies.. =P

    and next time each chicken..

  4. LOL hv a prosperous day today then! :)


  5. hehe..looks like nature betrayed you. All of us become superstitious when it works on us. Anyways take care of your tummy and turn into a veggie

  6. @ gaya3

    thanks for the idea. i'll try

  7. @ keshy and @ joy

    thank you very much...
    joy! thank you fo visiting my blog. do come in regularly

  8. @neha
    first timer? welkaaum to my blog... btw , even a veggie will get chicken guniya and chicken pox..

  9. @sajeeve

    dunno.. first timer.. i went to her blog and commented on her blog and she paid a visit here..

  10. it was not beeF but it was the beeR which made to attend so many calls of nature

  11. @santosh

    talking abt beer, its been a while.. have to catch up with some good drink.. thank you for spoiling my innocent mind with beery thoughts


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