We get mails everyday in this fast paced e-life. I am no exception for the fact that I receive almost 300 mails everyday. 90% of the mails are spam. I delete them without going through the mails. But last week, I thought of going through some of the mails befor I trashed them. I am yet to come out of the shock.I learnt the lesson not to go by the Subject line. I am adding a few subject lines which corrupted my innocent mind in the recent past.Click on each subject line to get a clear picture.

After reading this subject line, the innocent mind in me did not comprehend who SHE was... I opened this mail to find who she might be. I was shocked to see her in a very pathetic condition.Her name was Sylvia. My heart cried for her because she did not have any clothes to wear. Apparently a lady colleague of mine who happened to cross my cubicle when I was sympathising for the poor girl,is not talking to me anymore.

I should have guessed it right before opening this mail. But I did not. It was an automated spam mail which when opened will spring up mails to my inbox at regular intervals. I want to kill this Fabian Davis.

When my Boss told me that my performance has improved big time at the work place, I felt so happy and as a result I was seen charged up during my presentations and demos. But when I received this mail from Angel, I was eager to super charge my performance. Opening the mail enlightened me. The word performance has multiple meanings.

Some people never learn from mistakes. I am one among them.

Right from my School days, I was found among the company of girls. My orientation worth was never in question. But when Alfredo sent me this mail, I wanted to check what he meant. I warn all you guys not to open a mail with a similar subject line. I did not have food for two days on a trot.

Why me?

BTW, I am still sad for Sylvia. She is so poor. Somebody please help her.