Thursday, November 01, 2007

77. Hips do not lie

Onam 2004

1)My first Onam.( Onam is a festival celebrated in Kerala)
2)My first mundu experience.( Mundu is a traditional MEN's wear in Kerala. It is similar to the Indian Dhoti)
3)My first malayalam movie.
All three happened on the same day.

The day started as usual...The alarm started its daily routine of trying to wake me up at 8 am..As usual my hand had enough strength to reach for the alarm Button and calm it down...I snoozed my way back into my dirty bedsheet... The alarm rang again at 8.15 am...My hand again came out of the bedsheet and searched for the alarm clock. But I could not find it.My MBA roomie( Joseph) moved it to a place which was out of reach.

I suddenly felt a pain on my Royal Posterior. I realised that it was the powerful left leg of my roomie that just kicked the brains off my lower back.My roomie kicked me again and this time I found myself out of the bed..Still wrapped in my bedsheet.. But, before he gave me a third kick which would have resulted in the sudden stoppage of my future generation evolution, I woke up....(Joseph! I hate your left leg)..

Having full faith in my roomie( I was / is straight.. and he was/is straight too), I allowed him to tie the knot around my waist( I am referring to the mundu). It was funny for me.I had doubts whether the mundu would stand the test of time and energy.But the belt that supported the mundu, gave me enough confidence.Oh! It was a great feeling to wear a mundu and walk around.The whole day went in a gala mood.Pookalam( Flower carpet decoration on the floor), vadam pulling( Tug of war), chakki and changaran( Mr and Ms Onam).and lots of other extempore games.. I had great fun... Little did i know that the real fun was yet to come..

The day finally over and it was around three pm and I started my long walk back to the place where I stayed..(It was a long uphill road from the college).. The sun was beaming full of confidence..Suddenly my hip and the belt had a bi-lateral conflict and beforeI realised, I was walking without the mundu.. I was releived because I had a long kurta top.. I turned around and to my horror saw a bunch of senior babes walking behind me..What can i do? I closed my eyes and ran inside my room... I heard them giggle as they crossed my room and the giggles erupted into laughter when they saw me peeping out of the window... Wisdom struck me at the right time.. Our national leaders have gone through sufferings worser than this and what happened to me then was not a big deal..

So I boldly came out of the room,still in the same outfit only to find another bunch of babes walking towards me from the opposite direction. As I was a gentleman, I tried to have an eye to eye contact with them. But they were really shy. They were not looking into my eyes..Only after they went past me , it crossed my mind where exactly their gaze went to...Well as they say! great men have to go through struggles and trials.So I took it again in my stride.

That night, my friends took me out for a movie..My first malayalam movie.." perumazhai kaalam".. I did not understand a single word though.. It ended up to be a sentimental film.. Two hours went by.Still I did not understand a single line in that movie. Suddenly the whole crowd went calm.I turned to my right.Tears in my friend's eyes(Joseph)...I turned to my left . Tears again ( Jithin). I realised it was an emotional scene.I tried crying too..But tears would not just come out of my eye sockets.

So when no one around was looking, I dipped my hand into the coke bottle that Joseph was drinking from and used the dampness to wet my eyes.I tried to give a real effect to the situation by crying out louder;but accidently I ended up burping... The guy sitting in front of me turned around and started shouting Therees at me..(Therees are golden words in malayalam which evolved as a result of the Vulgar-verbal revolution that happened in the earlier part of the twentieth century).As the intensity of the therees grew louder,my friends rose up and showed that we were a big bunch indeed. Drawing inspiration from the sudden support provided by my friends, I tried to give a lecture to the Theree Guy..My friend turned towards me and warned me that he would leave me alone to be massacred by the Theree Guy, if I continued my lecture..I immediatelt stopped my lecture,not because of any sort of fear. But just because I love my friends. Now You ought to buy this story, because all that is written in this post are true to the best of my knowledge.
- Chronicwriter


  1. wow.. whatte day aa.. so chris-like i say.. :P

  2. @gaya3
    waate day aaaa. monday .. i hate mondaaayyyyyyssss.

  3. @clover

    couple of months back... onam is great fun indeed.

  4. Is there anything post on show my *** contest goin on this month??? sirpy.. you... :P.. thank god i havnt had any such experiences...

  5. ROTFL! So the first onam movie for some babes was rated A!

  6. @vikky

    hehe.. is it? there were instances when i had given my hostel warden a great shock, and more more examples. wud write abt it, if this is the month.. hehe

  7. @roger

    what to do..? me being the victim.. happens all the time

  8. I'd love to know hu those senior babes were!!! ;>

  9. @usha
    ill tell you when i talk to you..


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