Monday, October 22, 2007

73.Favorite Movies

Being an ardent movie buff, I shall do justice to my love for movies by listing out my all time ten favorite movies. Without much ado, let me brief in a line or two about each of these ten movies.
The movies are not ranked in any specific order because each of these ten movies are special in their own terms

The Shawshank Redemption

Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman strike a deadly combination in this 3 hour masterpiece. They meet in a prison and how they influence each other forms the crux of the story.


A small boy's love for a lady sees him fighting against all odds to restore her lost pride. The screenplay is simply mindboggling. This Italian movie is also close to my heart as it is directed by my favorite movie maker, Tornatore.

Legend of 1900

A concept that had never been thought before. He does not have a country, He does not have a name like others. But he is simply amazing.Tim Roth Romances with the Piano.A sleek script that would pierce the souls.Another standing ovation for Tornatore.

Forrest Gump

He starts running and he never stops. This emotional comedy will take us through a ride down historical dates. Tom Hanks clearly makes a mark and makes us believe that he is the BEST.

The Color of Paradise

Majid Majidi, The great Iranian film maker has done a magnificient job in detailing the world of a blind Boy. This movie will melt even the stone hearted.


Indian Movies took a big leap with this movie.Amitabh and Rani go hand in hand in this modern day classic.

Beijing Bicycle

One Bicycle; Two Guys and one girl. How a simple bicycle changes the life of two guys forms the plot of the story. By the way, am off to Beijing this week.

Anbe Sivam

Kamal Hasan again proves why he is the best Non-Hollywood actor. Every one has a sad past; So does he.

Enemy at the Gates.

A snap shooter from the Russian Village. He plays a big role in the world war. A thriller, neatly tailored.

Cinema Paradiso

Simply, the best movie I have seen in my life.It is the story of an old man and his relationship with a small boy Toto.If you have not watched this movie, then you are surely missing something indeed.Tornatore at his best.



  1. after reading the list i feel that i have lost a lot. i have just seen Forest Grump and Black!!
    will try to see the rest!!

  2. some great movies indeed!


  3. Forest Gump....i hear a lot on this these days..would have to accomodate for it sometime.that's a useful piece of info:)

  4. Man! You are something. You stole our hearts in college with your dance and Compering. Now you still play with us with your blog. Are you taken?

  5. oh boy oh boy.. i have'nt seen 6 of the 10 movies listed here.. im an illiterate bum.. *sniffs* :|

  6. @santosh
    all are worth watching santosh.. plz update your blog man.. its been a while

  7. @keshi
    you have your list? please do update

  8. @may
    forrest gump is indeed good. try out any tornatore movie.. they are good too

  9. @mel
    melissa?. Howideee babe?
    a conversation between me and my mom

    me: Mummeeee some girls want me it seems.
    mom: come inside the house son.
    me: mummeeee. melissa is also with them
    mom: Then take Bubbly(my pet dog) also inside the house

    yup mel!, am going around with your sister.. jokes apart, will talk to you today... glad to see you commenting here.. do come again

  10. i hav missed a lot of these too.. infact d only movie i've watched on d list is anbe sivam :(

  11. movies u missed : life is beautiful, a walk in the clouds ,november rain , johnsons family reunion , hot shots , pearl harbour,twelve monkeys , beyond borders ,no mans land ,saviour,a beautiful mind , terminal,bourne ultimatum , pursuit of happyness, ace ventura... , mask , sweet november etc etc

  12. @vignesh
    you can watch these movies anytime.. try getting hold of these

  13. i have seen all the movies you have mentioned except for bourne ultimatum and johnsons family reunion.. infact life is beautiful is too good.. thats how every dad should be.. loved it.. but this post had space for the top ten movies only.. would write reviews on other movies soon..

  14. my teacher would be proud of u, if she reads ur blog.... even she likes all mexican ,italian, french movies . but on d other hand i like only mexican, italian and french food...

    when r u plannig to write something really funny ?.. i have finished reading all ur blogs too...
    and its been really long, tat i had a since laugh..

  15. I am 50-50 here...I've seen 5 of those movies....the theme behind shawshank redemption has etched itself in my mind is so difficult...nothing goes as planned...its so frustrating...why should all this happen to me?? does all this above teaches you what is HOPE and how it feels like to be hopeful...abs loved that movie...and anbe sivam is one of my favorites...made me realize where GOD really dwells...some very good movie collection you have in there..I wanna see "The Color of Paradise" sounds very interesting... :)

  16. Have you seen "The Freedom Writers"??....that's one of the recently made good movies..based on a true story

  17. @ritu

    hold on.. would come up with something this week.. was caught up with work and travel..ill be back


    yes shawshank redemption had strong dialogues.. i just loved it.. and regarding freedom writers.. have not watched it.,. would watch it tonyte...thank you

  18. here I am Chrirz,

    Personally we strike chord in one movie : Cinema Paradiso...Its such a emotional drama which can take u for a ride.Malena :( I dont like the way the it was portrayed but definitely a world class visuals u can see in Malena.WHO will not love TZR and Shawshank redemption.

    Coming to Baba,u might be surprised I love Baba for its theme.It was a different Rajini altogether.Anbe sivam is a masterpiece from Kamal and Madavan the only movie where kamal was overtaken in performance by a actor.

    Anjathey was class and Forrest Gump is a great epic for performance.The comedy series of Gods must be crazy is definite mention in any list

    My list goes like this

    Cinema Paradiso
    Good fellas

    dont ask abt regional movies ,the list is really long:)

    For every body here are some recommendations which are worth watching

    Eastern promises
    Children of Heaven
    Before/After sunset
    Taxi driver
    Good fellas
    Mean streets
    Raging bull
    Scent of a woman

    Hope I have done my part Chris

  19. i have watched both cinema paradiso and Malena.
    and i love both movies. now only now i know they are both from the same director.


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