Wednesday, October 17, 2007

69. Let us picture this

Some pictures appear very simple. But they come with a very deep message that impacts the mind. The way they impact the human mind can be attributed to the emotional wavelength that the mind fluctuates in. I could not help, but add a few pictures that I came across recently.

Pictures that made me go,"WoW".
Pictures that played hide and seek with my mind.
Pictures that made me shed a tear drop.
Pictures that made me to have my alone time.
Pictures that triggered my nutty thoughts.
Pictures that made me think about my past...
Pictures that spoke for itself.

1) Tying the shoe lace is not an easy joke. I remember those days when I found it hard to tie the shoe laces. Now my nephew Jeremy is going through the same phase.

2) I always wanted to step into my dad's shoes. Now I realise that it is not that easy.

3) When the music fades...

When the music fades,Everything will be ending.
And you'll disappear,Without saying goodbye.
When the music fades,I'll be left alone,
Stading in the dark,Hating you for leaving.
When the music fades,I will start crying,
Because I know it's over,But I still hope you will come back.
When the music fades,Our dance will end,
And I will wish for you,So I can hold you once more.
When the music fades, you will disappear,
Without saying goodbye....

4) Rainy days... Rain coats... Opening the mouth and tasting the droplets from the sky...Water puddles...Rainbow...
A few drops of water can pull us back down memory lane.

5) Wisdom begins with wonder

6) Flying kites... drying clothes...fishermen spreading their nets... Women liberation...freedom of thought...
This picture speaks a lot...

7) When she said,"Let's play"... He misinterpreted it.

8) If love like this exists, I want to be a part of it.

9) Sad souls... Deep sorrow... Waiting for whom?

10) In sullen solitude.

11) Let the grey cells work in black and white.

12) Never knew I could walk alone... Until you left me

13) There are times when silence has the loudest noise...

14) Sorry Renu... I never knew you were around

15) I create a fuss when my shoes get dirty...
But many do not have legs.

16) Never knew it would hurt this much...

- Chronicwriter


  1. Nice pictures and i was touched with number-8!!

  2. Got these images as a forwarded mail . But never knew there is so much meaning hidden behind each of these picture. KUdos. great work!!

  3. hi may:

    i loved the pictures too.. i got these pictures in some mail.. and some of these pictures conveyed a lot

  4. hi santosh:

    planning to add the pictures in future posts too.. they talk a lot.. bear with me for taking the occassional break from funny posts

  5. Such Great Pics Man. Thaks for sharing it with us

  6. i liked your 14th pic a lot.. probably it was de caption tht bot a smile to my lips.. ;)

    de rest of the pics n captions evoked a lot of memories.. keep goin macha!! :)

  7. but ur profile pic is 2345698573920274758 much

  8. @hunny

    in an emotional strain.. do theyc all this mood swing?

  9. @kid

    kuttaaa. welkum to the blog world

  10. @gaya3

    i found you i found you i found you...

  11. @benjy..err push.. err. sajeeve

    let me have some glory too..

  12. This is a beautiful post Chriz:) Deeply striking pictures and the accompanying captions are something else!

    Made my heart stop. Yes, I would want to be part of such a love too - if it exists in this world. "Growing old with someone" is a beautiful expression - and not for nothing!


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