Dedicated to all my 69 MBA batch mates

Articulating the funny thoughts of mine
That are functioning like that of a swine
I try hard not to drift away with the wine,
But if i don't, i can't be able to dine.
Optimizing my mind as sharp as a pine.
I know its hard to bind as i dont have a twine.
The alcohol has spruned my liver out of line,
But Mr.X says,"hey chriz you are fine";
Because I have friends and they sum-up to 69.

(These are Words that I puked out after Ethanol drowned me in a Jacuzzi.Andy & Pius along with me)

I Recently attended my batchmate,Joseph's wedding. It was indeed a nostalgic moment meeting my old friends. We had a great time.The bride went missing in the photo. If not for Tinu, it would have been an all Boys snap. Me on the extreme left.Miss you guys.