Tuesday, October 09, 2007

65. Golden Words?

Work keeps me busy this week. I hopped in to quote two statements that came true last weekend.
1) The glory is not in never falling. But in rising every time you fall and demanding "one more peg please" - Lord Ethanol II
( Week end parties with School friends are sometimes Kinky)

2) If you want the Real Peace, do not talk with your friends. Talk with your enemies - Mother Teresa
( Reconciling with a Long-Lost-Friend after a gap of ten years is indeed a great feeling)



  1. So there was party. and that too with an old friend.

    Will love to know what happened when you were trying to restore your glory!!

  2. hmmmm... i guess

    "promises r meant 2 b broken, huh??" :P

    or better

    "watever de eyes see or watever de ears hears, de heart does not believe!!" :D

    wats de ans machaa??? :-)

  3. great words...hair raising:)

  4. hello,
    i have seen many of ur comments in my frnds blog... so it just happened to read ur blog. i used to think- gayatri(chronicles of bridget jones) is d only person who can write well n i m her biggest fan, but fter reading urs, i must say i have become ur fan too. ur interview blog was simple super.. i was laughing for about 5 min... i generaaly dont comment when i read ppl's blog, even gayu's... but i have to say tat... i read ur blog for 1 hour... n when time passed i dint knw...
    continue ur good work

  5. @santosh

    hehe.. yea. will write about it...


    the second one really made sense to me

    @ dhanya

    if you dial a wrong number you get to talk with a wrong person

  6. @despo

    did it really give goose spikes? thank you

  7. @ ritu

    i want some water to drink.. i am lying on the floor panting for oxygen.. you just floored me.. made my day with that comment... do come again...

  8. 10 years.. whoah.. super cool macha.. =)

    and here i have "frainds" who dont keep in touch for 5 mins even.. =P go figure.. its a very dizzyingly fast and crazy world..

  9. @gaya3

    macha.. the word that i miss very much.. three years in kerala and now i miss chennai


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