How many times will I be cheated?

1) The first case is that of Neo counter.

It tells you how many people from across the globe has visited your blog. I was very happy when the number of people increased multifold. But then one day when I took a closer look at the contents of the counter, I found out that I am being fooled big time

If Asia pacific Region is a country, then what about South Korea and India. Where Do they fall in?

My geography teacher taught me that Europe is a continent. Now I have second thoughts after seeing the counter.

2) Bagira wants me it seems

Hi there
Where have you gone? Do u remember me? Hope u remember me:) glad to see me ?:)
How are things going? I am still single and vacations have gone.. all of my friends are happy with their boyfriends and I am alone. Though we might get to know each other better and perhaps this summer was the last lonely summer for us? I have registered my profile here(The link is removed because I am not promoting any sort of porn activity through my Blog) . Why don't you come and see my new photos? And maybe even contact me ..
Need you ;)


3) I am promoted from Business Consultant post to Consultant Business post in the e-Consultant group where my credits are utilised.
Can anyone tell me What difference it makes?

- Chronicwriter