Wednesday, October 03, 2007

62. Anger MAN-age-ment

Last time, I got angry, I was slapped. I never get angry these days. Even if I am angry, I never show it out. The following three pictures are the pictures of the three most angry living beings on earth.
1) Bisa, the Chimp from Africa.

2) Fusa, the bitch from China

3) Seesaa, the immatured kid from India

- Chronicwriter


  1. Was that an angry tamilian speaking against a hot headed Mallu?? (Sorry to bring racism topic up. but cant think anything else.)

    The kid in him is always pays a price for his anger!!

  2. :))) where's management here?
    btw,do have a look at my blog!!!

  3. @santosh..
    hehe.. not cos of that.. nothing to blame his origin.. but just his kiddy attitude..

    management is not here anywhere.. thats why such a title..thank you for coming here .. do come often.. ill check urs too..

  4. @gomz

    seesaa happens to be my common friend.. most of my subjuniors in college were his schoolmates..i like his character.. but not his attitude..

  5. Anger is a let out.A vent for the pressure cooker in us.So the best way..dont let pressure build


  6. I think it was rather a smart Tam making a rather snide comment on a rather juvenile Mallu.

  7. @compassion..

    do pass on ur name. it would be better to address you by your name.. your comments depict a whole package of experience associated with it. would be expecting your comments frequently.

  8. @ sirpy

    maamey... that kid needs a kick on his bum.. nothing to do with culture diff tho..

  9. of course you know that it's passion, not aggression, that causes him to make faces like that.

  10. @ sandy..
    welkum to my blog jude..passion? yes.. he is so passionate for getting aggressive

  11. i wud really love to meet de photographer who took tht last pic.. :) .. amazin how he cud capture somethin like tht expression wen it happened... kudos to de beauty of de pic... :D


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