Monday, October 01, 2007

61. Pamela Anderson is no more

Finally She left me. She is no more. When I was thinking of how I should perform her last rites, I could not come up with a solution because I realised that my thinking cap was no more. She suffered severe burns. I looked at it for sometime and tears welled up in my eyes. She has been with me ever since I first peed on my bed.That was way back in the summer of 1982.

This post is dedicated to my pillow cover that had been my friend, councellor,guide and my thinking cap too.After 25 years of sleeping with me,she finally left me alone. Last night I did not use a pillow cover. I realised it when the rotten-cotton from the pillow entered my nose and made me sneeze. I miss my pillow cover so much.More than a pillow cover, she has helped me in my ups and downs in life by helping me come out with brilliant suggestions. Yes I used her as my thinking cap too.

I never allowed anyone to wash her. So she was never removed from the pillow. My mother had tried many a times to remove her from my pillow. But i never allowed her to do so. Last night I could not recognise my pillow because I have never seen my pillow without pamela anderson around it ( Pamela Anderson is the name I gave to my pillow cover). I was so angry that I created havoc at my place.The T.V cable guy who came to my apartment yesterday morning wanted a piece of cloth to clean the television. He searched around for a dirty cloth. To my horror and to his delight he found Pamela as the best bet and he used her to wipe the TV. A spark from the electric plug burnt Pamela and soon she was gone.

The following five points are dedicated to my Pamela.

1) I have slept with her for twenty five years. I have been very loyal to her and she was loyal to me too. She has never slept with anyone else.

2) When ever I removed her from the pillow , I used her as my thinking cap and she had helped me in giving me bright thoughts that included me proposing Renu and also my first unsuccessful attempt in copying in my class exam when I was in class two.

3) I used her as my bank too. I used to store money, Uno cards, floppy disks and even certain magazines that corrupted my innocent mind with biological inventions.

4) Pamela was the brain behind my Surprise adventure.

5) I did not have the heart to burn her ; neither did I bury her. I sent her to the recycle plant. Hope she brightens some one else's life

Btw, its seems that some other Pamela Anderson also exists somewhere in the world and she is getting married to some Salomon guy who shot into fame with some funny video in Paris



  1. Yuck!! 25 years with the same pillow cover. Thats too much. and how many years it has been with the same undie?

    it was good that your Cable guy has done the job for you. else it would have been me coming down to chennai to do the job!!

  2. While using it as thinking cap..did you vomit??due to that bad smell.... :D

  3. 25 yrs .......... same pillow cover..... same pillow...... oh my .... !!!!!! n u store stuff in it... how did u sleep with floppy discs under your pillow is beyond me...... oh well....

  4. Yuck man, u must be diseased! 25 years!!!!

  5. @santosh

    reg the undie, i dunno.. btw am not staying in chennai now.. working and staying in tvm for the time being. surely miss chennai a lot

  6. @praveen

    no bad smell at all.. got used to the smell..its not bad anyways.. it smells like cucumber and vanilla mixed with honey..

  7. @anusha

    memories pull me back to those days.. ooh pamela... everything written on my blog are blown up truth..

  8. @roger

    survival of the fittest

  9. For a moment, I thought she is REALLY no more !!

  10. You have not washed it? Oh GOd! Yuck! I could smell it here reading your post!!! How did the TV guy ever manage to hold it in hand to wipe the TV?

  11. @ sandy

    that was indeed the purpose behind the post

  12. @ honey bee

    dunno how he managed it.. he is in ICU. he also suffered a shock from the spark plug..

  13. I pity you...
    have u found a replacement for ur Pamela?!


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