True Incident that happened in Feb 2007.

Dedicated to my Dance team.

Tech- a-break is the annual cultural festival for technopark employees of Trivandrum. There are around 70 I.T. firms in technopark. All the firms compete with each other in a week long cultural competition that includes dance,music,stage play,carnival and loads and loads of extempore events. I work for a firm called IBS. IBS is the world leader in Airline solutions. IBS were the proud overall winners of all the tech-a-break events that has happened over the years.

This post is dedicated to the dance team of IBS. Though IBS were the overall winners in all the tech-a-break events, they were never able to win the dance competition. The dance competition was usually a cake walk for the Alliance Cornhill dance team and the Infosys dance gang. One week prior to the dance competition, I got a mail from the HR team.I was told to form a dance team for the competition. I was in a fix because I was just ten months old in the firm and this was my first tech-a break. By evening, I had ten people with me.

Standing (Left to Right) :

Vivek, Sachin,Deepak,Rony,Me

Sitting (Left to Right) :


We zeroed down our many options to one dance form," Bhangra". We practised after our work hours and our sessions went till midnight. It was fun. We did 50 sit-ups every day, and that made our hamstrings swell up big time. We practised for 7 days. The D-day arrived and we knew that we had a great chance this time because of the creative formations that we had.

Our dance never had any song. It simply had Bhangra beats in the background. The dance was for 8 minutes. We performed well; our formations were picture perfect.One of the formations involved Nidhin to stand on my tummy, with me lying in mid air; supported by the legs of the remaining four guys.. During our practise sessions, this particular formation never came out well because instead of standing on my tummy, she always gave me nightmares about my future. But on stage the Tummy cruncher came out well too. I had a sigh of relief.We also had other formations viz helecop,parachute,snake,wind mill and a few hardcore Bhangra formations.

Finally when we had our last formation, the three layered pyramid, we knew who the winner was.

This is a story of ten IT people who are not professional dancers.
I often receive forwarded mails with quotes that say that " Hardwork pays".
I understood the whole meaning of it with my Bhangra family.
Love you guys. I am proud of you all.