Thursday, September 27, 2007

59.Missed opportunities

I never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity - Abba Eban

1) I missed the final over of the 20-20 world cup finals between India and Pakistan.

2) When all my classmates in college had a girlfriend, I was busy reading the book, "little Johnny jokes"

3) When a tourist approached me with a digi-cam, I posed for the snap;only to realise that he actually wanted me to take a picture of him

4) I ate a live star fish when I was in China. Should I mention about the monkey brains too?

5) Me and Sachin Tendulkar have one thing in common. We stands 165 cms tall(or should I call it short). If only I had played for that School cricket then, I might have been on that van which went for a 30 km drive in Mumbai.

6) The Group Instrumental music performance; in which I played the Guitar never happened on stage, because we took 15 minutes to set the music instruments on stage for a 5 minute performance.

7) Renu got married on my birthday. ( I wanted to have an emotional end to this post)



  1. Haha.

    1> I was able to see just the last over

    2> For me it was during the working hour.

  2. Chriz, You make quite frequent comparisons of urself with Sachin tendulkar. Leave that poor thing alone, I say !

  3. @santosh

    soemtimes work sucks... but as long as you have a boss like mine, work is always like being in heaven...(boss! r u reading this?)

  4. @sandy

    waiting for u to finish the tag... sachin! i adore that guy...

  5. monkey brains??? yucky...

  6. @ vikky

    watch apocalypto , my dear.. atleast i had brains..

  7. work is always like being in heaven and you are Departed (Swargwasi in hindi) :)


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