I sing tenor in my church Choir. I consider myself lucky to reach the high G. But when ever I see my favourite singer reach the higher C (Three full notes higher than G) , I experience Goosebumps. A week back he passed away due to cancer.

This post is a tribute for the most celebrated Tenor of this century," Luciano Pavarotti ". He mesmerised packed audience with his powerful voice. ''Nessun Dorma'' was Pavarotti's last performance, sung at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, in February 2006.

There won't be anymore three tenors. The smile, the vibrations produced by Pavarotti,Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras would never be seen again.His thick black beard and the smart tuxedo that very finely wraps his pot belly are visions that would last forever among his fans.
The nine consecutive high Cs he reached in a stage performance with the three tenors left him bleeding.Such a performance could never be seen ever. Though there were professional jealousy between the three tenors, pavarotti always compared him with himself.

Pavarotti liked to mingle with pop stars in his series of charity concerts, ''Pavarotti & Friends,'' held annually in Modena. He performed with artists as varied as Ricky Martin, James Brown and the Spice Girls. The performances raised some eyebrows but he always shrugged off the criticism. Some say the ''word pop is a derogatory word to say 'not important' - I do not accept that,'' Pavarotti said in a 2004 interview with the AP. ''If the word classic is the word to say 'boring,' I do not accept. There is good and bad music.''

I love tenor now, more than ever.

- Chronicwriter