55. Mathematical genieass

There are three types of people in this world

One type can count and the other type cannot count.


  1. he he... looks like now we kno wat category u fall into macha!! ;D

  2. The original is an engineers phrase.

    There are 10 types of people in the word one who know Binary, others who don't

  3. @Dhanya

    yes i fall udner the male of the species category.. you are a geniass too...


    i have heard about it too somewhere.. might have ignited this one by me... thank you boss..


    shame shame puppy shame

  4. Though i heard this stuff before, I like the pic you chose. Thats a funny scene from Bruce Almighty.

  5. I've been to your page before, Chris


  6. @ sree

    now i remember you boss... been while.. do come

  7. Yea. But i do read ur blog every now and then. Expecting a blog on the world's first TT champions


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