Tuesday, September 18, 2007

54.Talent vs Intelligence

Talent: Talent is like a camel coat. If you do not wear it; you do not lose anything. But if you wear it, you look good

Intelligence: Intelligence is like an underwear.It is important you wear it; but not necessary that you show it



  1. So you are talented or intelligent?

  2. nice explanation...keep it up... :D

  3. and u shud make sure underwears dont stink ... i call it ' stinking intelligence ' ...u know ... those show offs who think they know everything

  4. @gomz:
    did i compare them?

    i am innocent

    thank you. what should be up?

    @ sajeeve:
    stinking underwears, torn underwears, stolen underwears.. we come across many of these every day.. anyway its fun to come across these types..

  5. I now understand that Spider Man is Not as Intelligent as we people are........

  6. @hunney

    have you seen spiderman's Wonderwear?
    did you do some cross pollination between christopher reeve and some mutant?


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