Thursday, September 13, 2007

52. Mood Swing

I called my friend last night and she told that she wanted to be alone because she was having a bad mood swing. I pondered and pondered on what a mood swing would look like. I have never had one in my entire history. First thing I did in the morning; after I reached office was an exhaustive check in the net to understand what a mood swing was?

I never found the answer though. But somewhere in some part of the web I read a sentence that read that mood swings can be generated naturally and artificially. As the natural generation of a mood swing never occurred with me, I thought of generating it artificially.

Introducing to all ladies, gentlemen and OTHERS; who read my blog- “MY very own mood swing”-artificially created exclusively for your own benefit. For creating a Mood swing, the basic ingredient is the availability of a mood. My mind is void of any mood. So to create a mood, I needed a causal factor which would imply some mood on me.

So I started to search for a causal factor that would force me to have a Mood. But according the Law of conservation of Mood- A mood can neither be created nor destroyed; but it can be transformed from one form to the other. This law shattered my dreams of searching for a factor. Talking about dreams, I have not found the answer to the dream that is haunting me for quite a while. In fact not only dreams haunt me. Even mosquitoes and little kids petrify me too. As I have opened the topic on mosquitoes, I would like to place an open question in front of every one. Does a mosquito fart? I have tried to explore this big question and in the process ended up finding the gender of one of the mosquitoes which came under my scrutiny.

BTW all the mosquitoes that bite are the male of the species. And talking about biting, my great granny cannot bite an apple because she does not have any teeth. If only Eve had the same problem that my granny has, she would not have eaten the forbidden fruit.

When it comes to fruits, am crazy about litchis. Any coffee joint I head to, my order would have litchi in some format or the other, litchi syrup, litchi powder, litchi colada/frappe and last week the café coffee day guys had to literally shove me out because of the fuss I created there because they did not have litchi in any format. No one was around. So I did not mind. But to mind, one should have a mind in the first place. BTW, why did I start writing this? Is this what they call as mood swing?



  1. well i dont know what is this mood swing is all about. But i surely had a mod swing from serious down and out to happy and relaxed.

    she does not have any teeth. If only Eve had the same problem should have been completed as there wouldn't be any human being

  2. moods is a condom! it swings alright when not in actual use :p

  3. santosh: my close bud told me that this is a john nash dupli here.. still pondering..

  4. sajeeve: thanks for the expert comments.

  5. Did u try the Litchi Gold Icecream that we we get in Baskin Robbins ? Its heavenly !

  6. no sandy! the one in technomal? me catch a cold if i have icecreams.. but if its litchi then am gonna taste it.. thank you for the infaaaarmaasion..

  7. even if mosquitoes do actually fart, we would'nt be able to hear it.. so why ponder over it in the first place.. =P

    and yes women and mood swings are 2 sides of a coin.. one cannot exist without the other..


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