Wednesday, September 12, 2007

51.The ice breaker

Hectic weekend finally got over. After years of dreaming, I finally performed salsa on stage. It was a lovely experience. Will add the photos soon. We had the annual day celebrations in my firm last saturday and I am talking about it. Had major fun after a long time. The child within each and every one in the firm was in full display during the celebrations.

Prior to the D-day celebrations we had a month long competition intra-firm. The whole Office was divided into four houses and we competed for online, indoor and outdoor games. Me too hopped in and helped my house in the online games and indoor games. But kept myself safe from the outdoor games which included games like volleyball,football and tug of war. In the latter three games, i resorted to the easiest thing I am capable of doing, " compering"... It was great fun indeed to pass comments on senior project managers, general managers and even the VP.. No wonder someone once said that the microphone is mightier than the sword.

Am gonna pen down(rather type down) one incident that made me call the police

Beenu(my colleague- The first letter in the name is changed), happened to be the leader of one of the houses. She came to me and in a cribbing tone said," hey chriz .. please do me a favour".. Being the guy who does not fall for unnecessary emotions, i looked at her with a stern face and said " Look Beenu; I am very busy with this Webex. Can I talk to you later?"...

But Neenu; Sorry, Beenu; was not the one who would give up easily. She came closer to me, looked into my eyes and said," chriz, my team is playing in the campus grounds.I am a part of the throw ball team and I need to be there now". My heart was as cold as an Ice and I knew that it would not melt that easily.So I raised my right eyebrow and looked at her very sternly and increased the bass effect in my tone and said,"Look Beenu, This is a 20 million dollar contract and I can't miss it"..
I saw the hope in Beenu's face vanish like the hair in Syed Kirmani's head.But before I could react she came into my cabin and went behind me and caught me red handed, using orkut, and the stern look on my face went away without a trace and the next minute, Beenu and me were in my car.

I was made the driver yet again. What happened to my ice cold stern heart? " She must have been the ice breaker", i thought to myself. After a five minute drive, we were in the campus grounds. I turned around and took a glance at Beenu. She was clad in Track-attire and puma shoes and she was all set to play. I locked the car and followed her to the grounds. The match did not start. I was happy that I was able to drop Beenu on time.

Soon the match started and the girls took the court. But I could not see Beenu in the court at all.I looked around and saw her sitting in the bench.She was a substitute, it seems.

With a dejected heart I came back to my cabin and when I logged in, i found some stinker mails in my inbox. It was not new anyways. I was terribly cross with Beenu that I wanted to lodge a complaint against her. I immediately dialled 001 instead of 100; and when I realised that I had done a great mistake, I hung the phone. BTW, if we dial 001, would a police jeep come in reverse gear?


  1. LOL, serves you right for calling the police...she was just trying to have fun!

  2. police jeep in reverse for 001 - pissed me now ...I am going to call the police now !

    So Neenu eh! how does she look ;-)

  3. So now it's Neenu after Renu, huh ?

  4. @ sajeeve

    she is cute.. and her boy friend is huge...

  5. @sandy

    renu is past present and future...

  6. Buddy the ice was melted and than evaporated else how would a cold guy like you can go so angry to call the police

  7. thats ok ! I generally eliminate factors like boy friends before starting :p


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