I have finally reached 50 posts.
In three months time.
I was told that it is a very good striking rate.

Last two weeks, I am tied up with too much of work that I could not devote my time for my Blog.I will come up with my long mails and would add my funny tinch to it in the upcoming posts. This whole week went in salsa classes and Jugalbandi performances.

I know that the post on Mandira Bedi is still pending. BTW, Renu delivered a baby girl day before yesterday. I cried for fifteen minutes, but then when the picture of her Hubby (he stands 6 feet 5 inches tall; a clear one foot taller than me) came across my eyes, I stopped crying. That is when Mr.X (my alter ego) reminded me that I used to be a Rogue when I was in kindergarden.

22 years back (Flash Back)

Venue: LKG . Section A

Ma'm: I have 4 apples. How can I divide it among five children?

Me: Kill one child

(Flash back over)

But still the six foot 5 inch frame still intimidated me.