Friday, August 31, 2007

48. Knock out Punch

Mr.X is back again with his Punch-lines.

Question: "If you find the whole world against you; You are alone. What would You Do?"

Answer : Just Turn around. You will become the leader of the world. Be optimistic.



  1. And look within, there's GOD with you !!

  2. since wen u became Mr. X??? btw is this ur creation? or copied? it was really nice.. if its ur creativity I appreciate it.. ;)

  3. @sandy
    is it? but mr.x is a devil in disguise

    @ praveen
    thank you for visiting my blog. will hop down at ur side too

  4. @nikky
    true.. but thats my alter ego
    mr.x is my alter ego.. if its copied from somewhere, i would add a disclaimer.. but hopefull my blog would not carry any other's ideas.. but it might be influenced by forwards or jokes which i have heard somewhere..

  5. Remembered this Ad ..where a guy goes late to class.. & pretends to be going out..
    Dont rem for which product ..kitkat?!


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