Thursday, August 24, 2006

46. A part of me...

The past one year I have been witnessing greener and greener patches in life. I am so much attached to five characters and these five characters have changed the way I look at life.All these four characters have become a part of me

Character 1: My adidas arm-band

I first had this band three years back and it is there in the same place for the last three years. I have changed my clothes,girlfriends,socks and even my underwear. But I have not removed my armband even for once. It might even become a part of my skin.

Character 2: Dance forms

It all started with break dancing.The love for different dance forms piled up big time in the recent past and Salsa,Chacha,Tango, and even Bhangra have become a part of my routine life. God's grace that I am able to dance cos I dont have the achilles tendon on my right leg.

Character 3: My Blog

Why do I write? I love to smile a lot. Infact when I read a book, I search for jokes in it. I want my readers to smile too. This Blog is just here for the same reason. It brings out the naughty child within me.

Character 4. My Cubicle

I have been in this workplace for almost two years and I am in love with my cubicle. My existance inside it has spoilt the atmosphere within. But anyways, its my cubicle and I love the mess I have created here. Hope the administration staff doesnot see my cubicle



  1. The skin under the arm band might have become fairer. Please remove the band and check !!

  2. I believe the last three were one of the few serious things that has happened to you life.

  3. Two years in same cubicle????..
    If I were...I wont sit there...


  4. Eeyew so grose.. So you have a band that stinks of soap and sweat tied on your hand day in and day out..? :/ :P

    Please check your fungus.. :D

  5. @ sandy!

    not its the same that case am i in trouble? :((

  6. @ santosh

    bang bang bang on target.. you are right

  7. @ nikky

    dancing makes you feel so young.


    yes same cubicle.. but it has gone thru lots of changes.. lots of posters have come in and gone. have changed the computer more than five times.. and its fun.. now i am so much attached here that am not moving out of this place..

  8. @ funny bee
    why are you pulling sandy for company? you girls planning on any major attack on me? spare me please! i am innocent

  9. @gay3

    its does not stink of soap and sweat as i also use water when i take bath..

  10. Lucky to be in the same cubicle!!

  11. please chk sometime before writing short form of a name.. gay3..[;)] no offense intended.. no comments as such for the blog as its kinda personal.. :P

  12. @gomz



    notty boy.. gay3 aounds nice anyways.. adds spice to the name


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