The past one year I have been witnessing greener and greener patches in life. I am so much attached to five characters and these five characters have changed the way I look at life.All these four characters have become a part of me

Character 1: My adidas arm-band

I first had this band three years back and it is there in the same place for the last three years. I have changed my clothes,girlfriends,socks and even my underwear. But I have not removed my armband even for once. It might even become a part of my skin.

Character 2: Dance forms

It all started with break dancing.The love for different dance forms piled up big time in the recent past and Salsa,Chacha,Tango, and even Bhangra have become a part of my routine life. God's grace that I am able to dance cos I dont have the achilles tendon on my right leg.

Character 3: My Blog

Why do I write? I love to smile a lot. Infact when I read a book, I search for jokes in it. I want my readers to smile too. This Blog is just here for the same reason. It brings out the naughty child within me.

Character 4. My Cubicle

I have been in this workplace for almost two years and I am in love with my cubicle. My existance inside it has spoilt the atmosphere within. But anyways, its my cubicle and I love the mess I have created here. Hope the administration staff doesnot see my cubicle