Wednesday, August 23, 2006

44. Punch You - 1

Mr. X is back again with his punch lines. I am caught up in a crisis situation at work.So He will take care of this blog in my absense. He has promised that he would maintain decency, dignity and decorum and spread world PIECE.

Punchline by Mr.X

10 % of road accidents are due to drunken driving.

So the remaining

90% of road accidents are due to driving without getting drunk.

Piyo Sir Utha Ke...


  1. Hic HIc. i am at the write blag?? sqeeze me far my tang. i am a bit hii!

  2. @hunnybee

    @ santosh

    @ anand
    wink wink

  3. Ha Ha Ha...

    Piyo yes... Hic hic...

    Jokes apart, driving after consuming alcohol is indeed a sin. And it is rampant in Delhi. More than any other place in India.

  4. @ kulpreet

    thats true... but this post was just on a note that it was purely meant for fun and not to be taken seriously

  5. wow that is a new way to look at it . it might even be funny except for the fact that i never got to meet my mom'm mom cuz she was killed by one of the ten percent...


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