I am so much in love with my nephew and my niece, that i can't help but post pictures of them every now and then..

Jolena has put on lots of weight. She turns three months today. But she already weighs 24 pounds.Jeremy is so gentle with her sister.

Comparing them to me and my sister, these kids are more matured. Me and my sister still fight a lot. Both talk a lot and both are non-violent when it comes to physical conflicts.Jeremy turns three, next month and he loves "tell me why" books. On the contrary, I hated them when I was Kid.

My God-child started crawling already.The Big brother is very much protective. Any guy who tries to hit on her in the future; I feel sorry for him.

Jeremy loves cricket;especially the Indian Pace-nut case," Sreesanth". He refers to him as "see saa". He has a confusion between a Camel and a Donkey. So to make him recognise a camel, my sister downloaded a camel's picture and asked him what it was..

Jeremy started shouting, " See Saa"

- Chronicwriter