Tuesday, August 08, 2006

37. My Alter Ego - Mr.X

Everyone has one to boast of.My Friend Richie had 7 to be proud of. He ended up jumping from 5th floor because of his 5th possession. Well I am talking about alter-ego.

My alter ego has a name. I call him Mr.X. Naming him was very simple. He is a derivative of my name. When they started referring to Christmas as X-mas; I thought why can't I call Chriz as Mr.X.. That is how Mr. X evolved.

He was the reason for me falling in love with Renu. He made me copy in exams.He is absolutely evil and he gives me all the kinky thoughts.He was the one, who made me start my first blog, " punnaakumaama" .He wanted to be a part of my Blog too and hence I am introducing him here. He will trouble you all with his punch lines from time to time.

- Chronicwriter


  1. Hmm.. u cud have actually put ur alter ego's real pic... he wud have loved all de extra attention!!! lol!! ;D

  2. Hope the alter ego alters the blog for something better

  3. @ dhanya
    why kutta?
    already i am being bashed left right and center.

  4. @ santosh

    if he alters it, i will alter him..

  5. punch lines???
    et tu, chriz???

  6. vikky
    you wanna hear some sound effects too?

  7. Mr.X (chris) thats a good choice
    you do really have a good sense of humour


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