Monday, August 07, 2006

36. My Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for helping me to stay good so far this day.

I have not flirted with anyone today;

I have not given any missed calls to random numbers;

I did not mix salt in my colleague's coffee;

I did not press all the buttons inside the lift;

I did not park my car in the bike parking space;

I did not torture anyone with my non-stop talk;

I have charged nothing on my credit card;

I have not scared even a single child today;

I have not spammed by Boss's mailbox with my forwarded mails;

I have not reserved all the meeting rooms in office;

I did not use the official phone for my personal use;

I did not hurt any one purposefully;

I did not place any Hoax order with the pizza corner guys;

I did not overspeed on my bike;

I have not switched off my colleague's workstation when he's busy working;

I did not switch-off the air conditioner in office;

I did not call my friend on his mobile phone( he is on international roaming);

I did not pour water on the neighbour's cat;

But I will be getting out of bed in a minute and I think I need your help then.



  1. well...well..well.... so i come to know all that you do daily..

  2. i have never been 100% successful in achieving all this on a single day. But I would love to have more precision in my future ventures

  3. hmmmm.. im surprised at ur list.. its sooo incomplete....u missed out on a lot of ur activities macha!!!! lol!! he he... ;D

    in btw.... i think u shud be addin a dictionary too... wat in de world is a 'foax' order????? :P

  4. @ dhanya
    hoax became foax.. and regarding the other activities, ill add soon

  5. If u pour water on the neighbour's pooor cat, you are certainly gonna need SOME help, sonny! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  6. hahaha.. hilarious.. as usual..! =D

    and we share quite a few things in common from that list.. =)

  7. @ gay3

    haha. thankoo... great people have lots in common

  8. Chriz...Okay ! So you somehow manage to get the list done, on other days, (ok, may be not in 100% success) !!!!! ????? GOD BLESSSSS YOU, dear !!!

  9. LOl, nice list.. will try to do the same sometime soo

  10. @ sandy

    god bless you too.. hehe

  11. @ santosh

    thats good. join the club..

  12. "I did not press all the buttons inside the lift"
    Never knew people did that !!! Now I know why that lift stopped in all floors !!

  13. Man you are scary!!! And thank God, you didnt do those.

  14. hey just a passerby! cool list, m sure it must take a lot of effort from you to have done...ooops not done any of this on a given day!


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