Sunday, August 06, 2006

35. Emotional Intelligence

My latest love affair with China will be reflected in my future posts. I got this picture from my colleague,"Mad Max"

Now just tell me

1) Who is smiling?

2) Who is crying?

3) Who is happy?

4) Who is sad?

5) Who is sick?

6)Who is Drunk?



  1. I'm feeling drowsy seeing this picture !!!

  2. I donno, but they for sure are ALL SLEEPY !!!

  3. Saw that one as forwards. but am not able to dudece them

  4. @santosh

    yes! my colleague "mad max" forwarded it to me. and the chinese pix cot my attention..

  5. me had a good laugh wen i got this too.. :)

    but just 1 doubt..... wat makes u think tht they r chinese???? :))

  6. @ dhanya

    people from china are called as chinese. I do not have to think much about it anyways

  7. its rather simple finding out who's who.. but you see... i dont tell trade secrets outside ;)

  8. trade secrets? i can be your partner in crime vikky!

  9. I think u can use this pic to hypnotise people...
    By the way, are the eyes copied and pasted over and over for each face? hehehe! Just a thought...

  10. @ usha

    nexy blog is abt u.. i need your picture

  11. Reeeeeeeeeallly?! Oh, Chriz u shudn't have...
    Anyways, Would you like a close-up shot, a profile shot, or a full-length shot? I'll send u a few to choose. :D :D :D


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