Tuesday, July 26, 2005

32. The Gen-Z

Born in the early 1980s I find myself in the Gen-X civilization.I have a few young cousins who were born in the 1990s and they find themselves in Gen-Y or the Yo generation.My niece and nephew are post 2000 products and they find themselves in the Gen-z or the Zapster generation.

This post is again dedicated to my kids.My sister sent me a few photos of her children ( my nephew and niece) and a few snaps caught my attention.Here we Go!!!
Jolena is 75 days old and believe it or not, she crawls with her tummy. In my case, I took 8 months to move an inch. I was so lazy then. She has a big crib and she swims in her crib all the time. Looking back, I never had a crib. Infact I was made to sleep between my parents when I was an infant. She giggles a lot whenever My sister calls me over the phone. To converse with her, I also indulge in baby talk only to see my colleagues giving me a dirty look.

This is Jeremy. This is how he says his bedtime prayers. He has a comparatively smaller bed when compared to Jolena.
He prays for his winnie the pooh,mickeymouse,for his musical instruments and also his car before he hits bed. One thing that is common between me and him is that we both pee in bed.( I used to when I was a kid, and not anymore).
This picture is a true indication that he also likes to show off just like his maamaa(me). I first touched the keyboard when I was in class 6. This kid is not even three and he already plays the rhythm pads well. He now wants a mobile phone for himself it seems. Dunno what he is gonna do with that?
By the , readers!!!, Should I also post some snaps of me posing in
1) crawling pose
2) sleeping like my nephew
3)Playing the keyboard!
Wouldn't that be CUTE?... btw, what is the dictionary meaning for the word Cute?


  1. How sweet !! Good to know that they are following your traits ! :) And God Help them !

    And on the last Qn, PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ........I mean it's not even a day since my adrenaline went for a haul, after seeing the snap u had taken for Priya !! So, it was very kind of u asking us instead of just going ahead to put those UP !! I need time to come out of bad things, Chriz !!

    By the ways, very enjoyable post ! :)

  2. Wow these kids have a lovely room..!!!

    CUTE="Attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness"

    P.S: I dont want to break my monitor again.

  3. @sandy
    they say we have to treat poison with poison! and glad to know that you enjoyed the post.

  4. @ gomz
    yea! they have a lovely room.. Cute!? check it in oxford dictionary!!! you'd have another version

  5. Hmmmm.... u in a peach frock n crawling arnd pic??? machaaa.. spare my computer....!!!!! :P

    neway jermey is lookin cute in his prayer pose... does he actually pray like tht or did he fall asleep prayin??? :)

  6. @dhanya

    peach? i thought it was orange.. i am very bad with colours. jeremy does kneel down and pray; but here he has slept off

  7. i kno ur very bad wit colors.. confusin peach wit orange is infact nothin compared to wat u told me day while talkin abt colors.. ur golden words durin tht conversation.....

    "all men see only 16 colors like windows default settings.. for eg: mauve isnt a color.. its a fruit.. i have no idea wat a pumpkin is!!" (!!??)

    my dear readers de actual line which appears in a ppt called men's rules is

    "all men see only 16 colors like windows default settings.. for eg: peach is a fruit, not a color.. so is pumpkin... we have no idea what mauve is.."

    After this incident, chriz has nvr opened his mouth on colors wen arnd gals!!!! :D

  8. your blogs are very interesting. i think you love those kids very much. they are indeed very lucky.

  9. u changed ur template?...cool kids!

  10. @ dewdrops
    thank you very much and yeah! love them loads.. you have a blog? send your link or is there a real name behind " dewdrops"?

  11. @sophie
    did not change the template.. just changed the background colours. wante dto make it simpler... yup cool kids for an hot uncle

  12. Pls. give us one day advance notice if you plan to post your pics like those cute ones...

  13. so ur a maama :p

    kiddin! cutest kids!

  14. @ honey bee
    i like throwing surprises

  15. @ sajeeve
    maamaa.. hehe.. yes ;-) .. they are indeed cute

  16. Hmmm maybe u r getting ready 4 ur own kids, u seem to have a lot of training.

  17. http://ukissmyglass.blogspot.com/

  18. @Roger
    am not entering wedlock in another three years.. naan chinna paiyan.

  19. yup mahathma!
    ill roll this new link...

  20. cute word has two meaning basically(ya basically)

    charming:-(especially of something or someone small or young) charming and attractive:

    Clever:-wishing to seem clever, sometimes in a rude or unpleasant way

    he he he.. I don't know which one suits u.. ;) No offense intended.. :)

  21. haha.. both doesnot suit me anand...

  22. I loved the pic with Jeremy dangling at the edge. Is he sleeping?!

    Spare me the agony of seeing those pictures u mentioned... :(

  23. you kno even i pray the same way jeremy does, when i saw him sleep like that i was rolling in laughter, both are two little sweetie pies! adorable.

    you funny but sometimes boring

  24. @ usha
    yea he is sleeping
    @ nikky
    @ trinity
    yes! sweet uncle has sweet kids... and for the boring part, haveta work on it..


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