Monday, July 25, 2005

31. Online Dating Game- Concluding Part

Read Part-1 and Part-2 to understand this post better.

After the few chat conversations I had with Priya, I found that I was in love. I knew that this was pure love unlike the love I had for my childhood girlfriend,"Renu".

The love I had for Renu was due to the ever increasing competition from my nemesis,Shabir. Infact with Renu,I started loving the challenge more than Renu.

But this love that I developed for Priya would have passed Agmark/ISI/ISO/BS/CMM-5/HIV standards with ease.I developed a dream image of Priya in my mind. The dream image was a composite mixture of Jessica Alba,Salma Hayek,Penelope Cruz,Jennifer Aniston and Mandira Bedi.

June 30,2007:

I woke up very early in the morning ( 7.30 a.m.). Usually I wake up at 9 a.m. and reach office by 9.15 (my work timings are 8.30 a.m. -5.30 p.m.). But as I was head over heels in love with Priya ( I keep a high-heel slippers under my pillow when I dream about Priya),I woke up very early. For a change I brushed my teeth and switched on my Notepad. Soon I logged into my Yahoo messenger and I found her online.

Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Hi Priya!
Priya: Hi chriz! Gd Mrnng
I: What a pleasant surprise. I logged into my yahoo messenger to have a business chat with my client and there you are ( 1st lie)
P: So you don't want to chat with me
I: No. The client can wait.
P: So sweet of you.
I: ( I was smiling now and I started my flirting Hits) How sweet?
P: I don't know how to tell.
I: What are you doing at this point of time? Waiting for your boyfriend?
P: I don't have a boyfriend. Infact you are the only guy I chat with ( A big lie)
I: Am I so special to you?
P: You are decent
I: That is flattering ( I was floored. First time in my life, someone was calling me Decent)
P: No. I dont have to flatter you. I just told what I felt.
I: When are you planning to get married?
P: As soon as I find a Guy.
I: You just said that I am the only Guy you chat with!So have you found your Mr. Right?

Silence for five minutes. My alter-ego said that I have done a major blunder. But just before I lost hope, I got a message from her.

P: sorry! I got DC.some problem with my system
I: Something wrong with your system? What food did you have last night?
P:Chi... dirty boy ( she didn't sense my innocence)
I: I am innocent
P: What did you say before my system crashed?
I: you didnot see that message?
P: I saw it . But I just wanted to know if you were serious
I: If you take me for a cartoon, leave it.
P: No. But we barely know each other. But I like you; but I can't commit now
I: I am totally confused with what you just said
P: I like someone who can take proper care of me
I: are you a child?
P: Thats not what I meant. what i meant was i expect my guy to be loyal to me
I: if you have any doubts. You can call my ex-girlfriend and confirm.(The story i created in my previous conversation)
P: You still think about her
I: Sometimes :-(
P: Don't worry. But promise me that You'd be loyal to me.
I: Do you doubt me? ( This is a emotional buster that Rajini uses on Mammooty in the Tamil movie, Thalapadhi)
P: I did not say that I doubt you. But I don't know about you much. Infact I havenot even seen you
I: So thats the problem? I'll send you a picture of mine today evening
P: That would be nice. By the by I will send you my picture after you send yours
( Little did she know that I have already seen her picture in her friend's orkut profile)
I: Do you like a guy with Mush?
P: Yikes.Chi. I hate moushtaches. Do you have one?
I: No. My cheeks are as soft as a newborn baby's bum ( But infact I had my dirty shabby look with my beard)
P: haha. By the by I'd prefer stubbles like what Brad pitt had in Mission Impossible 2
I: Ok. Then I'd take a picture of mine with my stubbles ( This girl doesn't know the difference between Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt)
P: i'll be expecting your snap this evening.
I: OK. then. time for me to go to work. Ill catch you tomorrow with your feedbacks on my snap.
P: Bye then. Miss me till then.
I: Sure. Tke care.

Immediately I went to the nearest saloon and ordered the guy to do a face massage,stubble shave,head massage and a facial bleach. He took three hours and completed the whole process. As a result I had a red colour mark on my left cheek. He told that the mark will disappear in no time. I paid him a four digit monetary value and headed home for the photoshoot.As soon as I reached home, I took my digicam and tuned it to auto-mode. Then I went and stood in front of the camera and gave a romantic look.
The Romantic look:
1) face the camera and flash the best possible smile
2)wink a little to add sensuality to the picture
3) wait a little so that the picture is saved in the camera.
After the romantic look posing was over , I went over and checked for the captured image of mine. I was speechless cos I was looking very HOT indeed. I knew that priya would fall in love with me after seeing the snap. I uploaded the snap in my notepad and sent it to her mail id.

Note: I havenot heard from her after that. I guess she might have found out that she doesnot have the slightest of chances to marry me.and this is the romantic photo that i sent her.

The end.



  1. That was a good series Chriz..& it ended very well.. !!
    I liked the "High-heeled" dream of yours.. :)
    And .. Ive broken my monitor seeing your photo..I'm still typing coz I'm intelligent ;)

  2. gr8 series... liked everything except the end... i pity that girl priya..

  3. ISI/ ISo and others are ok but HIV Standards?? Loved the Head Over Heels in wala angle!

    WTF you have already started polluting wikipedia. i thought you just pollute the mind of your readers!!

  4. @gomz
    thank you.poor monitor

  5. @vikky
    i pity her too.. she is madly in love i guess

  6. @ santosh
    HIV was just added to give additional beauty to that line.
    i have already polluted wiki with my research topics. But they are not funny. so not gonna talk about them anyways

  7. But Why did u have to do this ? Why din't u want to send Priya a real nice snap ? You would have lavishly become the father to Priya's kids by now !

  8. @sandy
    that was a real nice snap!
    whats wrong in that anyways?
    hehe.. proud father of priya's kids? it was just last month that i started chatting with her. How can I own responsibility for insurance damage caused by some other owner?

  9. hey like the high heels part, but tell me why fantasize about her when u have seen the pic on orkut?

  10. roger: what i saw in the picture was a loooooooong shot-not so clear image of her..
    anyways thankyou for finding theloophole in the plot.. You are an amazing reader.. can i add you in my fav blog list?

  11. machaa..!!! ur romantic look made my computer crash!! i guess thts wat ppl meant wen they said "u just fall in love"... my comp is totally nuts abt u n refuses to work...

    thank god theres plenty of computers in RSOM...otherwise i wudnt b commentin rite now...

    i wont comment on de blog coz i did anticipate it... neway kudos 4 de cool write up... u sure had de readers on their toes!! :D
    one advice: "do NOT put any romantic pics in ur blog.. my comp cant take another crash!!" :P

  12. @ dhanya..
    the ip address says that you are in your room and not in lab!! hehe..ill personally handover hard copies..

  13. a bit of refreshin info for ur sudden bout of amnesia... de hostel has 24hr net service n my roomie has a laptop too... :P

  14. haha.. should we fyte here? poor anu's laptop!!

  15. ha ha ha.. lovely ending.. but I hope this is not the end.. ;) u will hear from her surely in few days(if this character is real)then only..

    adn well ur picture seems removed from the link u gave..

  16. haha.. thank you anand.. yea.. wiki has removed my snap.. i have added it to the blog..

  17. ha ha ha.. its a lovely photograph.. but sent to wrong girl.. u cud have sent the photographs to 'lena' or 'kuchi'.. he he he.. it cud hav helped.. and now don' ask me where to find them.. they dont come online..he he he.. ;)

    P.S.:-No offense inteneded

  18. she doesn't know what she's missing...

  19. oh good God.. =P you are soo MEAN, would be an understatement..!

    so you really NEVER heard from her again..? =P

  20. Prason anna...!!yo look too cool in this photo than your other ones in facebook..!! :D Man, im juz laughing to d core..!!


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