Sunday, July 24, 2005

30. Online Dating Game-Part 2

If you have not read the part-1 of this three part series; check it out here Part-1.

Part-2 Begins:

After my first online chat with Priya, I carried on with my work. After a couple of days when I logged into my yahoo messenger, I had a friend request from Priya. I was happy indeed.This is the first time in my life that a Girl is sending me a friend request. I did not give a second thought and I added her.

June 28,2007

As soon as i added her I found out that she was online.I wanted her to send a message to me so that I could continue chatting with her.But she too wanted me to start the conversation. I waited for almost an hour and finally I gave up and said a Hi. There was no reply. I waited for another five minutes and sent her another chat message" are you there". still no reply. After another fiteen minutes, she sent me a bye and logged out. I really did not know why she did such a thing. She added me, but still she did not want to chat with me. I had a troubled sleep that night.But believe me I did not wet my bed.

June 29,2007
I woke up very early and even before brushing my teeth, I ran to the computer and checked my yahoo messenger. I had a string of offline messages from priya. She said that she was sorry for her rude behaviour and that was because her nagging brother was near her. I left a sigh of relief which was accompanied by my bad breath. I sent her a "Its O.K" reply.

Immediately I got a reply back from her

Priya: Hi
Iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout: Are u thr?
P: yes.
I: always in chat?
P: as if you dont sit always
I: i just woke up
P: mmm. You came to check whether am online ?
I: No ( Though the answer was Yes)
P: Liar
I: When you know the answer , why do you ask that?
P: just like that. By the by Do you have a girlfriend?
I: yes.! i have three girlfriends in my life
P: who are they?
I: my mom, my sis and my niece
P: haha
I: does that sound like a joke?
P: yes. You are funny
I: Don't you have college?
P: i have. but am not going to college today.
P: study hols. have to study.btw what do you do?
I: I work for a living.
P: What do you work as?
I: a presenter and a business analyst
P: how much do u earn?
I: enuff money to buy food,clothes and pay my flat rent

She was not satisfied with the answer

P: What do you think about love?

Immediately i opened google and searched for love quotes and soon I had a few quotes. I selected one and sent to her

I: Looking back, I have this to regret. that too often when i loved, I did not say so
P: have any bad experience?
I: ( Should I create a love story that has a tragic end?) Yes!!!
P: can you tell that to me
I: Should i tell it now? I have not brushed my teeth yet and am hungry too..
P: Ok take ur own time . I wont force you.
I: Hahaha. here i start. it was two years ago........ blah blah blah
( I started a great love story. I was the Hero indeed. and in my story all the babes wanted me. Finally one girl became lucky and in the end she got married to someone else and I am very sad about the whole incident)
P: Sorry to hear that.
I: lets change the topic. tell me about urself.
P: blah blah blah
P: blah blah blah
P: blah blah blah
I: wow thats really good. By the way, I have to go to work. Ill catch you tomorrow. Nice chatting with you
P: nice chatting with you too.
I: bye
P: bye. take care pal

to be continued...



  1. At last did you brush? Dont tell us now that you forgot that too for the past 6 months.. even animals will not come near you..

  2. human being is a social animal!

  3. did go thro some of your blogs looks like your totally jobless! anywaz blog on... and do read and comment on my blogs too though they are few and far apart...
    where in CBE do you live?

  4. You should have written about the love story part :)
    And that googling part was real funny LOL !!

  5. @ trinity

    have read through all your blogs. really thought provoking unlike mine.
    regarding the jobless part; my boss doesn't think so and thats what i want. hehe
    cbe! born there.. never lived though.. been a wanderer all these years.

  6. @ gomz:

    how many lies am i supposed to tell at one go? the rate at which i am going, i'd be fried deep and dry by the devil.

  7. Hope the love bloomed at last?

  8. this is getting more and more interesting by the minute.. :)

    cant wait to read the remaining parts..

  9. santosh: the concluding part will tell you what actually bloomed!

  10. gayatri:

    only the concluding part is up for grabs!Hope your wait will come to an end tomorrow

  11. flirting right in the morning even before brushing the teeth... god where is this world heading to?

  12. so whats she saying now! is mission accomplished :p

  13. LOL, she sounds like an interesting character.

  14. vignesh:

    i did not do another two vital basic duties that morning... they say love spoils you!!!

  15. mahatma: she did not say anything. i had the final say. watch out for the final part!

  16. nikky:

    yup! she sounded very interesting too.. But...

  17. Chriz, you can may be come to twist, like Priya is THE RENU u were in love with in School ! U know wht I mean, U haven't seen Priya anyways...and u seem to have developed a crush for her ! So wht happens to the poor Renu ? Make them one and that'll will be another Legendary Love Story !!! What say ???? :D

  18. haha.. very nice idea sandy.. but hold on; the real twist will be posted soon with a PHOTO proof..

  19. a Photo proof. It means that we are sure to see a Dump box as you were dumped like a hot potato!!!

  20. This is one BJP story!

    PS: Bayangara Jollu Party

  21. @santosh
    the last part is posted
    yes. there is a major twist
    naan innum oru bachelor


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