My Dear Smilers!
Let us move forward... By twenty years... I would be forty five then...
My son would be in his teens and would be dating girls and also an avid reader of my blog and my daughter would be dating
Renu's Son in her school...
My wife would serve me coffee every morning in my bed and plant a kiss on my sexy Tonsured head ( Am Balding now)...
My dog would pick the newspaper all the way from the gate and drop it in my bed... I would then browse through the headlines in the n
ewspaper... Presenting to all my Blog readers, some of the headlines that I would be reading in the year 2027 A.D.

1) J.K Rowling completes the HP series with her 25th Book," Harry Potter weds monica lewinsky"

2)Mike Tyson bites Sylvester Stallone's Nose in the sets of Rocky IX

3)Sachin Tendulkar Says that he is fit and raring to Go in the home series against the mighty Bermuda

4)NASA finds urine samples in planet Mars.

5)Mandira Bedi elected as the new ICC chairman

6) Sharon Stone acts in a steamy scene with Daniel Radcliffe for basic instinct III ( I feel sorry for my son)
7) Amitabh Bachan to act as husband of Aish's daughter in the forthcoming movie " namak-kum"
8)Rakhi Sawant is the New Bihar Chief Minister
9) Gay marriages legalised in India.

10) M.F Hussain paints "Mulayam Singh Yadav", Nude.