Tuesday, August 05, 2003

6.The mathematical genius


This is an inspirational story about me,myself. If you finish reading this you would find the real meaning of your existence in this world.

Back in school, I used to be very bad with numbers. We were taught how to ADD two digits,through the "Finger folding technology ",adopted by my mathematics teacher. My nemesis in School,"Shabir", had six fingers in both his hands and thus had the extra advantage and he used to add faster than me. He even used latest cutting edge technologies to sharpen his pencils and thus was always a step ahead of me.

Days went by and i was in class X. I had a mathematical teacher,"Mr. Arulandham". He developed a great liking on my compact Bum and he used to pamper my bum with "ruler scales, wooden dusters and cane sticks ". My mathematical skills were so great that i used to kneel down or mostly spend my time outside the class. He was so amazed with my skills with the numerical system, that he presented me with a Book written by Ramanujamand and asked me to read it and improve my knowledge with the numbers.

I went home and started reading it and i came across a confusing solution given by Ramanujam for a simple problem. Check his solution here below:

Can U Prove 3=2??
This seems to be an anomaly or whatever u call in mathematics.
It seems, Ramanujam found it but never disclosed it during his life time
and that it has been found from his dairy.
See this illustration:
-6 = -6
9-15 = 4-10
adding 25/4 to both sides:
9-15+(25/4) = 4-10+(25/4 )
Changing the order
9+(25/4)-15 = 4+(25/4)-10
(this is just like : a square + b square - two a b = (a-b)square. )
Here a = 3, b=5/2 for L.H.S and a =2, b=5/2 for R.H.S.
So it can be expressed as follows:
(3-5/2)(3-5/ 2) = (2-5/2)(2-5/ 2)
Taking positive square root on both sides:
3 - 5/2 = 2 - 5/2
3 = 2

The brilliant mathematician who lives within me got infuriated on seeing such a confusing solution for an equation that could have been solved very easily. That night i thought of an alternate solution, and in no time i had the solution to the same problem.
Next day i went to class and announced to every one that i could prove Ramanujam wrong. "Mr.Arulanadham" did not show any interest. Instead he took his cane to pamper my bum. But who cares!, beacuse I very well knew that i would be the one who would have the last laugh. I saw Renu through the corner of my eye. She turned her head away from me. I knew she was madly in love with me and did not have enough confidence to look into my eyes.Shabir got tensed because he knew that he would lose Renu, if i solved the problem.
I went to the black board(with one hand in my left pocket; a true demonstration of a professional walk")and started solving the problem
To prove
Multiplying both sides by zero=>
Hence proved.

After effects
1.My bum was pampered to glory
2.I never had to attend any more of Mr.Arulandham's classes .
3.Renu stopped talking with me forever
More to come


  1. Hahaha I somehow remember Calvin here :)
    Should I say thank god Ramanujam isnt alive.. or
    Alas Ramanujam isn't alive

  2. I never liked numbers...I think you just added fuel to my fire. :)

  3. I loved this one! :)

    But i cant wait any longer to ask... (pant, pant) Did Renu fall for Shabir?!!!!! Pllllz tell me! plllllllz tell me! Am dying to know!

    :D :D :D

    (I hope there's no way by which comments can be blocked by the blogger. GULLLP!)

  4. silver: neither do I.

    Renu is married and has two kids.
    Shabir is single and ready to get married
    I am single and not ready to part with my rib bone in the near future
    ( comments can be blocked. But I am not activating any comment screening process for the time being)

  5. Brilliant! Brilliant! I like your lateral thinking...

    *singing* "who would have thought... it figures..."

    Write more, man...

  6. what? ... what? ... illa what can i say .... i lowe numbers .... n now .... Am speechless .... u r seriously genius!

  7. bhuvana! boyzIImen fanny heh!..mmm

    sinduja! did it come from the bottom of your heart?

  8. boss,your every post is making me rotfl,literally!


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